Chris Soules’ quest for love on “The Bachelor” has been a wild ride so far, and things will only get crazier as the season nears its end. With just a handful of women still in the running for the farmer's heart, the competition has heated up -- and then there was the shocking turn in the special Sunday episode of the ABC reality show that could change everything.

Episode 7 had the ladies in Iowa to experience a typical day in the life of Chris. The contestants were nervous because they wanted to be sure the bachelor could picture a life with them, and Chris was anxious because he was afraid that the girls would be turned off by farm life. After the group date, he gave the group date rose to Kaitlyn, and Britt surprised everyone with her meltdown.

“I feel so vulnerable,” she told Chris through tears. “Literally asking, begging, for validation and watching you give it to someone else.”

In a show where one man dates multiple women, a conversation like this is bound to happen. But it doesn’t usually happen in front of the other ladies. Britt chose to confront Chris while Carly and Kaitlyn (with the rose in her hand) awkwardly sat silent next to her.

Britt continued that she felt like she was “last in line” and that she’s looking for a husband who “wants her back.” Chris tried to explain that it was a “tough” and “difficult” decision to make, but that his choice “doesn’t change anything moving forward.”

“I’m not sure what I’m picking up,” he told her. “If you want to leave, leave. I’m not sure that position you’re trying to put me in right now … I don’t know what else to say … I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.”

Chris’ honest response caught Britt off-guard and made her rethink her relationship with the bachelor.

“I really have to think about how I feel this week,” she said to the cameras. “Do I want to bring him home to my family?”

The conversation has “Bachelor” fans speculating if Britt will eliminate herself from the competition. Does she not see herself as a frontrunner after all the special attention Chris has given her over the past few weeks? Is she not ready to start a family or move to a farm?

Meanwhile, Carly and Kaitlyn think her outburst will get her sent home by Chris. “I just told him that she’s two different people,” Carly explained to the other girls after the group date fiasco. “I couldn’t have planned it any better.” Kaitlyn agreed. “She really f---ing blew it,” Kaitlyn chimed in.

Episode 7 concluded with Britt telling the cameras, “I just don’t know if this is how I should feel before I take a man to meet my father.” Fans of “The Bachelor” will have to wait and see if Britt chooses to leave the show, or if Chris will give her another shot.