Is Ben going to send Olivia home on “The Bachelor”? Fans of the ABC reality series were left on the edge of their seats when episode 5 concluded with a “To be continued …” screen.

For those that missed Monday night’s installment, Ben and his 11 remaining women ditched Las Vegas to spend a romantic week in Mexico City. Ben had promising one-on-one dates with Amanda and Lauren H, and reconnected with Olivia on the group date after the Sin City fiasco. Besides sending Jubilee home early, Ben appeared to be having a great time with the contestants. However, drama was brewing behind his back.

Olivia has not been a favorite in the house ever since she landed the first impression rose on night one. And while it could have initially been chalked up to jealousy, the 23-year-old news anchor from Austin, Texas, has proceeded to display some less than appealing behavior around the other ladies. The women simply complained to each other when Olivia stole Ben away first or interrupted others on their alone time, but episode 5 was the final straw.

During the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Amanda was telling some of her fellow contestants about her children and rocky relationship with her ex-husband. While everyone seemed sympathetic to her story, Olivia countered that she felt like Amanda’s life was like an episode of the MTV reality series “Teen Mom.” Needless to say, Amanda didn’t take kindly to that dig, and Olivia immediately realized that she made a mistake.

Amanda pulled Olivia aside to explain why what she said was offensive, and Olivia began to get teary eyed. “I’m going to try harder from here on out,” she promised. But no one believed her. Her comments sparked multiple women to come forward and tell Ben that Olivia was “targeting” them or acting completely different around him.

Olivia was one of the contestants that Ben had an immediate connection with from the start of the show. However, he knew that it was fishy that other women in the house had issues with her. Prior to the rose ceremony, Ben made the decision to pull her aside to talk.

Episode 5 ended with the ladies discussing whether Ben would revoke Olivia’s group date rose or give her a second chance. And while no one remembered a “Bachelor” where a contestant’s rose was taken back, they all agreed that Ben was playing by his own rules.

Fans of “The Bachelor” will have to wait one more week to find out how Ben will deal with Olivia, but he joined “The Bachelor Live” with Chris Harrison after the episode to talk more about the situation. According to Ben, this is the “first time” that he’s seeing Olivia’s behavior around the other women. And while he didn’t say if he was upset by it, he did compare her to Nick Viall from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette.” While every other contestant on “The Bachelorette” seemed to have an issue with Nick, Ben explained that he “disagreed” and always liked him.

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