Meeting the parents has never been so awkward. Ben Higgins has narrowed his search for love on “The Bachelor” down to four women. However, hometown dates in episode 8 will threaten to derail everything he’s developed with the remaining Season 20 contestants.

Fans of the ABC reality-television series definitely won’t want to miss Monday’s installment. After an emotional goodbye to Becca and Emily in episode 7, Ben will pack his bags to meet Amanda, Caila, JoJo and Lauren B in their hometown's across the country.

First will be Amanda, the 25-year-old single mother from Orange County in California. Ben already knows Amanda has two young kids, and has talked to her about it on numerous occasions. But that won’t be enough to squash the concern of Amanda’s parents. The synopsis for episode 8 teases that Amanda’s parents will wonder whether Ben’s “ready to be an immediate full-time dad.”

The Bachelor - Lauren B & Ben Ben will grow closer to Lauren B during her Portland, Oregon, hometown date in episode 8 of “The Bachelor.” Photo: ABC

On Lauren B’s hometown date, the 25-year-old flight attendant will take Ben on a tour of all the hot spots in Portland, Oregon. The two will really connect, but Lauren B’s sister isn’t so sure about their relationship. She’ll grill Ben with some “serious questions.”

From Oregon, Ben will travel to Hudson, Ohio, to meet Caila and her family. Ben’s relationship with the 24-year-old software sales representative has definitely been interesting. While there is no denying they have chemistry, Caila’s been unable to completely open up to “The Bachelor” star. That may change this week when she takes Ben to locations she “holds near and dear to her.” But will that be enough to make Ben want to continue this journey with her? He’ll also have to face Caila’s dad, who wants to be sure the 27-year-old is “worthy of his daughter.”

The Bachelor - Ben & Caila Caila will share some special experiences with Ben in episode 8 of “The Bachelor.” Photo: ABC

Dallas will be Ben’s final stop on the hometown dates tour. Ben will be excited to reconnect with JoJo, but an “unexpected surprise” will leave the 24-year-old real estate developer in tears and throw everything out the window.

The hometown dates won’t make Ben’s decision to eliminate one woman any easier, but it’s something that has to be done. Only three women can remain in the running for Ben’s heart at the conclusion of episode 8.

Who do you think will be sent home? Watch “The Bachelor” on ABC Monday, Feb. 22, at 8 p.m. EST.