“The Bachelor” took viewers on an emotional ride Monday night. Six women started off in episode 7 of the ABC reality series, buy only four could move onto hometown dates. Despite Ben Higgins developing feelings for all of the contestants, he made the tough choice to eliminate Emily Ferguson and Becca Tilley. Both women took to Twitter after the episode aired to respond to the breakup.

Emily was the first to go after landing a one-on-one date with Ben to meet his parents. While Emily was excited about this big step in their relationship, unfortunately, his parents did not feel the same. After Emily talked to Ben’s mom about her desire to become a young wife and mother, his mom turned around and told the cameras that she was “too young” for her son. She then talked to Ben about her, and got so upset that she started to cry.

Ultimately, Ben made the decision to break up with Emily. “I just don’t think I can see you being my wife,” he told her.

Emily shed some tears, but took the elimination well. And the 23 year old didn’t change her tune after the episode aired. She took to Instagram to share a message about her time on the show, calling Ben the “best bachelor in the planet of history.”

Becca’s elimination was a bit more emotional. She was beginning to develop strong feelings for him, and was worried about getting her heart broken. She even went as far as to ask Ben during the episode 7group date not to “blindside” her. That’s exactly what happened though. Ben gave his final rose to Caila, eliminating Becca from the competition.

“Even a second ago I wasn’t certain about this,” Ben tried to explain to an upset Becca after he walked her out of the rose ceremony. “And I didn’t want to do this and I didn’t know how else to until thinking about next week and bringing your family into it and being uncertain already. It just didn’t seem fair to you or your family. I didn’t know how else to do this without feeling like it was going to blindside you and because of that I thought that the best decision was just to do this before the family’s got involved.”

Becca left in tears, but she took to Twitter after getting sent home to reveal that she has no hard feelings for Ben. “I feel lucky that I got to know [you],” she wrote.

Amanda, Caila, JoJo and Lauren B are the final contestants remaining in the running for Ben’s heart. In episode 8 the four women will separate to take Ben on a hometown date to introduce him to their family.

“The Bachelor” Season 20 airs Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.