Talk about awkward! “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison chatted with “Unreal” star Constance Zimmer on the 2016 Emmys red carpet Sunday and unsurprisingly, the show’s loosely based plot on the ABC dating series was immediately brought up.

After Zimmer pretended not to know Lifetime’s “Unreal” is a play on the long-running reality show, Harrison dished about the real reason he doesn’t care for the scripted drama.

“One thing does make me angry about the show and I’ll be honest with you,” Harrison told the best supporting actress in a drama series nominee, calling the host of “Everlasting,” the fake dating series on “Unreal,” a “doofus.”

“They hate him. That is so spot on, it makes me angry!” Harrison said. Zimmer went on to share she doesn’t find Harrison to be a “doofus” in real life and admitted actor Brennan Elliott, who plays the “Everlasting” host Graham, improves quite a bit on the set.

When asked by Harrison about her prep work for the series, which just concluded its second season, Zimmer said did not watch the “Bachelor” and has no idea who her character, producer Quinn, is based off of.

“I wanted this character to kind of come just from people that I’ve met over the years and moms at the park. It could have been anybody,” she said. “I’ve kind of tried to make her a mix of a bunch of people.”

In conclusion, Harrison, who has previously trashed the show, said he’s shocked he’s never been offered a cameo. After pitching the idea he could play the “fake bachelor” on “Everlasting,” a surprised Zimmer said she was sure they could “find a place” for him.