“Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” alums are back for a second chance at love on “Bachelor in Paradise.” Season 2 of the reality show premiered on ABC Sunday night, treating viewers to steamy hookups, tears and …  a wedding?

Jade, Jared, Tenley, Carly, Jonathan, Tanner, Mikey and Ashley I arrive at the Mexico paradise. But Ashley I’s not alone. She reveals to host Chris Harrison that she brought along her sister, Lauren. That’s right, a random sibling crashed the reality show. After the Lauren bombshell, Jillian (with her “bigger and better” breasts), Mike, Juelia, Kirk, Dan, JJ and Ashley S arrive to round out the cast. It’s then that Chris Harrison drops the real twist of the season – Ashley I and Lauren are a package deal. If one of them gets a rose, then both of them stay. But Chris Harrison’s not done. He makes the cast members follow them to the beach to watch Season 1 success story Marcus and Lacy get married!

After Marcus and Lacy’s wedding, it’s “bachelor” gone wild” with couples making connections. Check out the roundup of all the hookups that happened on Night 1 of the Season 2 “Bachelor in Paradise” premiere:

Mikey and Lauren

Mikey goes after Lauren almost immediately. And while she follows him into the ocean and acts all flirty, Ashley I reveals that that both of them are not into “meatheads.” Lauren later has a tearful meltdown about not liking anyone, and pushes poor Mikey away when he tries to check on her.

Lauren Meet Lauren (center) -- She's not a "Bachelor" alum, but instead the sister of cast member Ashley I (not pictured). Photo: ABC

Carly and Kirk

Carly and Kirk appear to be the most serious – and neither expected it! The two never met prior to the show, but agree that they have a connection. Carly goes in for a kiss, and the pair seems content with their relationship … at least until someone else arrives to stir the pot.

Juelia and Jonathan

Juelia and Jonathan both have young children and were spotted hanging out, but it’s still up in the air whether or not they’re ready to pair up.

Jonathan Juelia Jonathan and Juelia appear to hit it off during Night 1 of the "Bachelor in Paradise" premiere. Photo: ABC

Jade and Jared … and Ashley I

Jade and Jared were the first two to arrive and admitted to the cameras that they were attracted to each other. But there is a third party involved – Ashley I. She thinks that she’s already claimed Jared, and begins to cry when she spots Jade hanging out with him. However, Ashley I gets the upper hand when she receives the first date card.

The card reads: “Choose a man to get dirty with.” Everyone knows that Ashley I wants to ask Jared – and Jared looks frightened. As JJ puts it, “Jared looks like he’d rather take a back alley beating with a plumbers wrench than go on a date with Ashley.” But when Ashley I gets up the courage to ask him, Jared accepts.

Jade and Tanner

Jade is bummed about Jared going out with Ashley I, but she doesn’t stay alone for long. She lands the second date card and decides to ask Tanner to go out with her. And Tanner is ECSTATIC. He admits on their date that he didn’t think he’d get the chance to pursue her, and is happy that she chose him for the date. The pair talk about her past with Playboy, and Jade likes that he doesn’t judge her for it.

Ashley S and Dan

Ashley S is still a little wonky, but she may have found her perfect match in Dan. The two play with parrots, but their carefree hangout takes a turn when Ashley S gets taken away in an ambulance. It’s not clear what happened, but Dan jumps in the ambulance to follow her to the hospital.

Night 1 of the “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2 premiere ends with Season 1 alum Clare arriving. She tells Chris Harrison that her attitude is different and that she’s ready to focus on love … but will she shake up any relationships that have already formed?