Welcome to paradise, Clare! Juan Pablo Galavis’ ex-girlfriend arrived in Mexico for her second season of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” She didn’t find “the one” on Season 1, but she’s ready to put herself out there this time around.

Night 2 of the Season 2 premiere kicks off with Clare meeting the rest of the cast. She immediately finds Jared attractive … but is pretty bummed to find out that Ashley I already called “dibs on him.” With a majority of the other guys already “wifed” up, Clare is left with Mikey and JJ as suitors. And she’s not impressed.

With a date card in her hand, Clare is feeling the pressure to choose a guy to pursue. Fortunately for her, Mikey is willing to do the work. “I would love to go on that date with you,” he tells her. “It would be awesome.” Although she admits to the cameras that she’s not typically attracted to meatheads like Mikey, she does like that he stepped up. It also helps that he tells her that he’s had a “fifth grade school boy crush” on her.

Clare and Mikey’s Date

It turns out that Clare and Mikey’s date involves tantric yoga … and Mikey couldn’t be any happier about that. As he tells the cameras, his favorite position is “Downward Clare.”

“Hopefully I’ll get to experience that first hand instead of in front of all you people,” he says, laughing.

But unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be in the cards for everyone’s favorite self-proclaimed “alpha-male.” When he confesses to Clare that he’s “like, really” attracted to her, Clare gently lets him down. She tells him that she hasn’t got a chance to talk to all of the guys in “Paradise” and really wants to take advantage of the situation. Poor Mikey doesn’t get it, and follows that by saying that he wants to kiss her. But Clare handles it smoothly. “I just got done telling you,” she tells him, explaining once again that she’s not trying to lead him on.

Ashley S And Dan’s Date

During Night 1, Dan hopped in the ambulance to go to the hospital with Ashley S. They returned during Night 2 … and reveal to everyone that they had a great time together at the hospital. Weird. “First date” aside, Ashley S receives the next date card and immediately chooses Dan to go out on a real date.

The two bond even more, with Ashley S confessing that she likes Dan’s sarcasm and sense of humor. “You have a really nice face,” she adds.

And that’s just what Dan needs to here. “She gets me,” he tells the cameras. “And I kind of get her.”

Poor Tenley

Everyone is coupled up, which means that poor Tenley is heading into the rose ceremony without any security. Desperate to make a connection, Tenley decides to pull Jared aside to talk to him. And Ashley I spots the whole exchange. After seeing the two together, she begins to cry to her sister Lauren that she’s going to “die alone.”

“I’ve had to deal with an old lady before and it’s really freaking me out,” she adds of Tenley going after Jared. (Just to put things in perspective, Tenley is 31 years old. Jared and Ashley I are 26 years old.)

Ashley I proceeds to take a bunch of shots and then steals Jared away from Tenley, a move that makes Tenley cry. But in the end it’s Ashley I shedding tears when Jared basically tells her that he wants to see where things go with other girls.

Pre-Rose Ceremony Shenanigans

It’s cocktail party time ahead of the rose ceremony, which means that things get pretty wild. JJ’s on a power trip with his rose, promising it to Jillian but then making out with Tenley.

Meanwhile, Jared tells Ashley I that she’s amazing, but then promises Clare that he’ll give her his rose. Clare is definitely interested in getting to know Jared better, and the two agree to spend time together even if she receives a rose from someone else.

The Rose Ceremony

The men have the power this week and have the opportunity to offer a rose to the lady of their choice. If a woman doesn’t receive a rose, she has to return home.

Tanner goes first and gives his rose to Jade, who accepts. Kirk gets to hand out the second rose, and gives it to Carly, who accepts. Dan gives his rose to Ashley S, followed by Jonathan and Juelia. When Mikey gets up he offers his rose to Clare. Although she wasn’t into him, she still accepts. With Clare taken, Jared decides to give Ashley I his rose – meaning that Lauren is stuck in paradise for another week. JJ is the last to hand out his rose, and in a surprise move gives it to Tenley over Jillian.