Get ready for the Season 3 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise”! This season of the ABC reality series has had its ups and downs. Many appeared to have found love on the beaches of Sayulita, Mexico, while others only found heartbreak. Only two episodes remain and fans want one question answered: Who is still together and the cameras stopped rolling?

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have done nothing to keep their relationship private. The two are constantly photographed together, and Josh just raved about his belle to ET Online. But what About Carly Waddell and Evan Bass?

Like Amanda and Josh, the two have had a pretty solid relationship — despite an early hiccup. For those that haven’t followed along the entire season, Carly initially wasn’t head over heels for Evan. In fact, she even threw up after kissing the erectile dysfunction specialist. (It’s important to note here that there were also hot peppers involved in the kiss, but Carly insists that the actual lip-lock also had to do with her losing her lunch.)

Carly broke things off with Evan, and he made an attempt to date Amanda — which failed. But a minor health scare brought him right back into the arms of Carly. “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 2 alum ended up locking lips with Evan again after agreeing to watch over him for the night. Their relationship blossomed from there, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Is that enough to keep them together after “Bachelor in Paradise”? Carly took to Instagram Friday to ask her fans if they think she’s “still on the Evan Train.”

The two have tagged each other in stills from “Bachelor in Paradise,” however, no recent photos can be found on their Instagram. Are they keeping things hush hush in order not to spoil the “Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3 finale? Or did they decide that they’re better off as friends? Take the poll below to cast your vote: