Will Ashley find love on “Bachelor in Paradise”? She’s closer than ever in episode 5A.

The latest installment of the ABC reality series picks up with Caila and Ashley’s confrontation from last Tuesday. Caila twists the knife by telling Ashley that Jared considers her to be a sister, and that only infuriates Ashley more. She and Caila agree not to talk for the rest of their time in Paradise.

Caila walks away, and Ashley is left in tears. She prays to her dead dog for a man to appear — and that’s when Wells from JoJo Fletcher’s season arrives! It’s perfect timing because Ashley is losing her mind and everyone is tired of her depressing attitude.

After talking to the group, Wells asks Ashley out on a date. The two completely hit it off, even locking lips at the end of the night.

Although one relationship is budding, Grant and Lace are on the edge of breaking up. Lace irritates Grant by getting flirty with Carl in the pool. He completely flips when she jokes that he might not be getting her rose. “Bachelor in Paradise” viewers know that Grant’s feelings for Lace are a little bit stronger, and it appears as if Lace is pushing him away because of it. Grant tries to talk to her, however, Lace is too hotheaded to hear what he has to say. Things get so awkward later that day that she tells Grant that she’s just going to go home. Grant’s not ready to say goodbye though. He apologizes to Lace and she does the same. The two end up stronger than ever before.

Lace and Grant’s reunion comes right before the rose ceremony. One guy is definitely going home, and there are a couple of people at risk of getting eliminated. Since Daniel has yet to forge a relationship with anyone, he attempts to woo the twins with food. He also makes a play at Izzy, bringing her a lamp because she’s obviously “into that type of thing.” Unfortunately for him, Brett claims Izzy for his own by planting a kiss on her in front of him.

Carly’s up first during the rose ceremony and gives her rose to Evan. Ashley solidifies her relationship with Wells by gifting her rose to him. Jennifer and Nick pair up, followed by Izzy and Brett and Caila and Jared. Grant and Lace continue to move forward, as well as Josh and Amanda. Things get interesting when Haley gets up to hand out her rose. Instead of giving her rose to one of the remaining guys, she decides to call her sister Emily up. Getting teary-eyed, the twins reveal that after five weeks of not finding love, they’re going to remove themselves from Paradise.

“We can’t pass along our roses this week,” they explain. “We wish you the best and love you all.”

Ryan, Carl and Daniel end up getting eliminated in episode 5A because of their decision. But Emily and Haley have one more thing to do before they leave. They pull Amanda aside to tell her about some “unsettling things” that they’ve heard about Josh.

They talked to Nick earlier about Josh, and feel like Josh might be using Amanda to boost his image. The timing of Andi Dorfman’s book coming out and Josh joining the show is just a little too “convenient.” Their theory is that Josh is dating “America’s sweetheart” to gain her good image.

Amanda’s received warnings about Josh from multiple people already, but this time it’s different. The twins are her best friends, and give her a lot to think about. Josh is furious when he hears what happened, and decides to confront everyone. He’s furious and explains that he has a “genuine relationship” with Amanda.

“I don’t appreciate someone messing it up,” he adds, encouraging the person who has been talking trash to man up and say it to his face.

Nick admits that he doesn’t know if Josh is genuinely on the show for love and that he has his concerns. That prompts Josh to fire back at him.

“I don’t even know you,” he says, frustrated.

Josh ultimately begins to pack his things, but Amanda’s not ready to give up on the relationship. Tired of everyone telling her who she should be with, she goes to Josh and apologizes for questioning his intentions. The two decide to stay in Paradise to continue getting to know each other.

Everyone’s relationship might be back on track, but a bachelorette is arriving to shake things up. Jami from Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor” shows up and has her eyes set on Wells. Since Ashley isn’t awake yet, Wells accepts her date.

Wells and Jami have a lot in common and immediately hit it off. The two enjoy the afternoon off-roading, and end it with a romantic kiss in front of a waterfall. And surprisingly, Ashley is taking the whole thing very well. While everyone expected her to break down in tears when she found out about Wells’ date, Ashley manages to keep her composure. However, Wells’ absence makes her think about Jared and Caila again. She speaks privately to Caila and explains that while she’s “good” with Caila now, she was bothered with her at the beginning.

Caila’s had enough of Ashley’s issues, telling the cameras that it’s hard to get to know someone “with someone else who loves them here.” She continues that she doesn’t need the attention and feels like it will never be over. She pulls Jared aside and reveals that she made the decision to leave.