Let the drama on “Bachelor in Paradise” begin — or continue! It’s night one of the two-night Season 3 finale and the stakes are high. The cast has to figure out if their relationships are strong enough to survive once the cameras stop rolling.

Things became tense last week with the arrival of Jami, Shushanna and Lauren H — and another girl shows up on Monday! Tiara, best known as the “chicken enthusiast” on Ben Higgins’ season, makes her debut. She’s hopeful about finding love in “Paradise,” but is aware that everyone is already coupled up.

Jen, who is already uncertain about her relationship with Nick, gets nervous when she spots him talking to Tiara. However, Nick surprises her when he returns with the date card. He explained to Tiara that he would like more time with Jen, and the contestant gladly handed it over.

Jen appreciates the gesture, but knows that a lot is riding on the date. Nick feels the same way. He tells the cameras that he needs to figure out if he’s putting up a wall because of his past relationships, or if it’s just not meant to be with the brunette beauty. The two enjoy an evening out at a carnival where they play games and visit a fortuneteller. Jen wants to know if they have something special, and the fortuneteller warns her that she’s going to give more than what she receives in the relationship. Nick wants to reassure her that they have something, but Jen isn’t so sure.

Meanwhile, back at the house, everyone is mentally preparing for the next rose ceremony. Lauren wants to get to know Brett more, but isn’t sure if he feels the same way. She pulls him aside, and Brett confesses that he has a stronger relationship with her than with Izzy. He decides to break the news to Izzy after talking to Lauren.

Izzy’s completely blindsided by Brett, who tells her that she’s more of a friend than anything else. Unlike other breakups that have occurred, Izzy surprisingly keeps her cool. She simply gives Brett a hug and tells him that she should go. She returns to her room to pack her bags and explain what happened to Amanda and Lace.

Izzy “feels like an idiot,” but wants to see if she can get back together with Vinny. She completely regrets her decision to end things with him, and calls him from the car to the airport. She’s hoping to catch a flight to Florida to talk to him. However, Vinny isn’t interested in getting back together with his ex. Even though she apologizes, Vinny tells her that his feelings for her went out the window when she went after “the guy with the lamp.” He explains that he can’t be with somebody like that and that there is “no coming back from what happened.”

The remaining contestants have to head into the rose ceremony after Izzy’s departure. The guys have the power to hand out the roses, and there are three more women than men — but really, all eyes are on Wells. Everyone is coupled up except for the radio host, who has Ashley, Jami and Shushanna after him.

Wells pulls Jami aside for some one-on-one time and admits that things are easy with her. However, he locks lips with Ashley during their alone time. Wells doesn’t even get a chance to pull Shushanna aside because she decides to get up and walk out. He goes after her, but she insists on leaving.

With Shusanna gone, only two women will be going home after the rose ceremony. Josh is first and gives his rose to Amanda. Nick goes second and gives his rose to Jen. Grant’s up next and gifts his rose to Lace, followed by Evan, who gives his to Carly. Brett stands up, and Lauren is ready to accept his rose. However, Brett surprises everyone by revealing that he doesn’t have strong enough feelings to give his rose to Lauren. He decides to leave. Ashley, Jami, Tiara and Lauren remain, and Wells has the final rose to hand out. In a shocking move, Wells hands his rose to Ashley. His decision results in Jami, Tiara and Lauren going home.

With the rose ceremony over, the couples have to have a serious talk the next day. Everyone needs to figure out if they’re ready for their relationship — or go home. The stakes are high because romantic evening dates, as well as a fantasy suite, is on the table.

Carly is anxious, because this is around the same time that Kirk broke up with her in Season 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Meanwhile, Wells is freaking out about Ashley because she’s a virgin. Ashley is ready for the fantasy suite, but Wells is super uncomfortable about the idea. He’s ready to break things off with her if the fantasy suite is mandatory.

The two talk and Wells explains that although he cares about her, he’s not in love with her, and certainly not ready to propose to her tomorrow. Ashley tries to argue that it’s just another date with no strings attached. However, Wells already has his mind made up. He tells her that he has to go.

Wells and Ashley’s breakup throws everyone off a little bit. Host Chris Harrison encourages the remaining four couples to be honest with each other in regards to the future, and they all agree that they’re ready to take the next step with the fantasy suite.

Lace and Grant head out on their date and explore the town of Sayulita. The two are giddy after finding “Grace” bracelets — which is their name combined. When they pass a tattoo parlor they decide to get the word tattooed on their wrist. Grant goes first, and sees the tattoo as a testament that their relationship will last. However, Lace has a panic attack. She initially say that she doesn’t like tattoos and can’t handle pain, but she’s also worried that her relationship with Grant won’t last. Ultimately she puts her fears on hold and goes through with it.

Elsewhere, Nick and Jen decided to go paddle boarding on their date. They don’t really get far in the water — or on land. They try to have a serious conversation about their relationship, and Nick admits that he struggles with opening up. But neither can admit that they’re in love with each other.

Carly and Evan have a more bizarre date that involves a topless woman and covering themselves in paint. Josh and Amanda use their time to watch children play soccer and talk about their future. Josh is ready to have a family, and is ready to meet Amanda’s kids. Amanda appreciates how open Josh is, and is certain that he’d be a good father. However, she’s still terrified.

Night one of the finale ends with the couples heading into the fantasy suites. Carly and Evan confess that they love each other, while Jen and Nick open up a little more to each other. Lace tells Grant that she’s all in, and finally gets the courage to say “I love you.” Amanda and Josh have never been more solid, and Amanda admits to the cameras that she’s ready to marry her man.

“Bachelor in Paradise” Season 3 concludes Tuesday, September 6 at 8 p.m. EDT.