Craving some drama, heartache and juicy love triangles? “Bachelor in Paradise” had it all in episode 2. The shenanigans in Mexico with contestants of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” past continued on ABC on Monday, Aug. 11, introducing two new cast members and putting the men in a panicked frenzy over making a romantic connection.

Episode 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise” kicked off with six of the contestants coupled up: AshLee and Graham, Dylan and Elise, and Marcus and Lacy. That left Robert, Clare, Marquel, Michelle M, Sarah and Ben single and ready to mingle in Mexico – YOPO (You Only Paradise Once)! However two late additions would be making their way to paradise, stirring up mayhem on the sandy beaches.

The drama kicked off with the Robert, Lacy and Marcus love triangle. Ever since Lacy accepted Marcus’ rose, the pair have been attached at the hip – and that’s something that Robert is not happy about. While Lacy feels like she was open and honest with Robert, he feels like Lacy’s not being classy and throwing mud in his face. The good news is that this is working in Marcus’s favor, because Lacy revealed to the cameras that she’s “beyond interested” in Andi’s ex-boyfriend.

While Robert moped around paradise, the cast welcomed a late arrival – Chris Bukowski. Viewers might remember him from his time on Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor Pad,” and from his brief appearance hanging with a security guard during Andi Dorfmna’s season. This time he’s ready to find love and is armed with a date card. So, who did he ask out on a date? Clare! Juan Pablo’s ex-girlfriend accepted and the pair enjoyed massages on the beach before a fun dip in the ocean.

Clare cast her doubts about Chris aside (since everyone in the house thinks he’s a player) and opened herself up, evening telling the cameras that if the rose ceremony was that night she would definitely offer it to Chris. However Clare’s feelings for Chris changed a couple of hours later when he was in the ocean sucking face with Clare. But how did Elise end up in the ocean with Chris when she was shacked up with Dylan? It’s a funny story.

Elise told the cameras that she was falling in love with Dylan even though they had only been together for a week. She wouldn’t stop gushing about him, but Dylan told the cameras a slightly different story – he felt smothered by her and wanted to meet other women in paradise. In order to nip it in the butt, Dylan told Elise that he wouldn’t be upset if she went on a date with someone else.

Elise thought that Dylan was just playing hard to get and figured that she’d play along until he came crawling back to her. That’s not how it went though. After some light flirting with Chris B, Elise ended up hooking up with him in the ocean. She thought that her fling with Chris would put Dylan in check, however it did the exact opposite. Despite telling Dylan that she still wanted to pursue their relationship, he ended things with her – telling her not to bother trying to give him a rose during the week 2 rose ceremony.

As Elise and Dylan’s relationship fell apart, Marcus and Lacy’s was only growing stronger. Marcus received the second date card and invited his ladylove out for a romantic dinner. The pair discussed their feelings and talked about his recent break up with Andi Dorfman, solidifying their relationship in paradise.

Marcus and Lacy were on cloud nine while Clare was falling off hers. After watching Chris with Elise, she told the cameras that there was not a chance of her giving him her rose. Fortunately she received another chance at finding love in paradise when another late arrival showed up – Zack Kalter from Desire Hartsock’s season of “The Bachelorette.”

Clare was ecstatic to find Zack walking towards the group and immediately ran to him, revealing that they knew each other through mutual friends. Zack arrived with a date card, and it appeared that he wasn’t interested in pursuing a friendship with Clare … because he wanted something more than that. Inviting her out on the date, Clare giddily accepted. She was excited to explore her relationship with Zack, and revealed to the cameras that she “felt his connection in the ocean.” (Naughty, Clare!)  

As Clare embarked on a new relationship, Chris was hoping to move forward with Elise. But after talking with Elise, Chris figured out that she was still head over heels with Dylan. That sparked a little jealousy.

“Dylan looks like a bloated, tanner version of Matt Damon from ‘Good Will Hunting,’” Chris told the cameras. “Fat Damom.”

Chris didn’t need to view Dylan as competition though, because Dylan made it very clear he wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with Elise when he got a date card and didn’t ask her to go. Instead, Dylan chose to ask Sarah … Elise’s best friend in paradise. Being a decent friend, Sarah told Dylan that she had to think about it and get back to him. And after speaking with Elise, she decided to accept Dylan’s date offer. Dylan confessed to being attracted to her and feeling a connection, however Sarah wasn’t putting off any signs that she was interested in anything more than the date. While Dylan and Sarah were off together, Marcus found a love letter in Ben’s backpack from a woman named Lindsay. After reading the note with Marquel, the men decided to confront Ben about having a girlfriend back home. The two pulled him aside, and Ben explained that he had met the girl three weeks ago and only just started feeling something for her right before he came on the show.

Seeing the three men talk secretively, the rest of the group decided to join them and find out what the drama was all about. When they discovered that Ben had a girlfriend back home they were NOT happy – especially Michelle. The 33-year-old burst into tears, offended that Ben wouldn’t take the experience seriously while she had a kid waiting for her at home. Ben left “Bachelor in Paradise,” but not before telling everyone that he didn’t lie because he told them all that he didn’t feel a connection with anyone there.

“Goodbye, Hollywood,” Ben told the cameras when he left. “I’m done with TV.”

After Ben’s girlfriend drama, the group prepared for their second rose ceremony with some cocktails. While some couples were solid, a couple of contestants were making some last minute moves to secure a rose.

Marquel took an interesting approach when he told a smitten Michelle that she drinks a lot. His words caused Michelle to reevaluate her feelings for Marquel, leaving Robert with plenty of time to swoop in.

Chris practically begged Elise to give him a rose by trying to charm her with compliments. However Elise was still insisting on giving her rose to Dylan, despite him pulling her aside and once again explaining that he would not accept it.

The rose ceremony began with Lacy, who gifted her rose to Marcus. AshLee gave her rose to Graham while Clare gave hers to Zack. Michelle threw a curve ball and handed the rose to Marquel instead of Robert – leaving Robert extremely surprised by her last minute decision. Elise followed Michelle, deciding to give her rose to Dylan. But just as Dylan explained to her earlier, he refused to accept the rose.

Elise gave a crazy speech to the whole cast, thanking Dylan and explaining that every woman deserves “100% and a man that’s going to fight for her.” She then asked Chris to accept her rose, which he did.

Sarah was up last with only Dylan and Robert remaining. In a shocking twist, Sarah chose to give Robert her rose and eliminate Dylan from the competition.

“I think Elise is out of her mind,” Dylan said as he departed, complaining that he didn’t get a fair opportunity to meet other people.

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