If you saw the trailer for Season 6 of WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” than you know how tough the experience can be for some people. In the short promo, released in August, former “R&B Divas” star KeKe Wyatt threatens to punch someone in the face, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Margeaux Simms breaks out into tears and “Bachelor In Paradise” star Tanner Tolbert tells new wife Jade Roper he doesn’t even know her. Ouch!

Last month Roper and Wyatt, along with their spouses, chatted with International Business Times about their experiences on the show during a Season 6 premiere event in New York City. “It’s been amazing,” Wyatt’s husband, Michael Ford, told IBT. Apparently, Wyatt didn’t share her husband’s sentiments and started laughing. “It’s been a journey,” she chimed in, before adding: “An amazing journey.”

When asked what viewers will see from them on the show, the couple listed a number of things such as love, laughter, crying, drama and craziness. “I guess a lot of sweet moments [too],” Ford added.

According to Wyatt and Ford, who married in 2010, they decided to seek help from counselors Dr. V and Dr. Ish Major because they wanted to show that divorce isn’t always the best solution, and you can work through relationship issues. “With all the divorce that’s going on today it seems like the new norm,” Ford explained. “But we wanted to show that you could be young and an African American couple and go through therapy and it’s OK as long as you try and stick it in and make it work. You can do that, you don’t have to leave.”

While Wyatt admitted that she learned “too much” about herself during the process, the “Nothing In This World” singer said she loved that they weren’t allowed to use cell phones and other electronic devices while filming. “No phone, no computer, no TV,” Ford told IBT. “It forces you to deal with the problem.”  

For newlyweds Jade and Tanner, who met on ABC’s “Bachelor” spinoff “Bachelor In Paradise,” they wanted to join Season 6 of “Marriage Boot Camp” to help them strengthen their bond. “I honestly was looking forward to it,” Tolbert said. “I thought it would be fun. In hindsight it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be; it’s a tough process.”

He added: “But I thought it was a good opportunity for us to build kind of a strong foundation for our marriage because it was so quick.” Tolbert said the most difficult part of the process was doing exercises that forced him to be emotional. Roper said for her the entire boot camp experience was tough. “I feel like the whole process was pretty intense. I mean they’re asking you to like push past your comfort zone and especially on camera that’s a difficult thing to do, but we love each other enough where we were like we’re going to try and get through this.”

Overall, the former ABC star said viewers will see a lot of good moments between her and Tolbert. “It really does open your eyes to things that you’re like, ‘Nope, this isn’t working if we do it that way.’ And we learn how to adjust to that,” she explained.

Now that the counseling is behind them Tolbert and Roper said they’re looking forward to starting a family in the next year or so. “I think we’re both kind of that point in our lives when we’re ready for that next step,” he told IBT.

You can catch Tolbert and Roper, as well as Wyatt and Ford on Season 6 of “Marriage Boot Camp,” which premieres Friday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. EDT on WEtv.