Karen Gravano is back on your TV screens. Fans first met the Staten Island native on VH1’s drama “Mob Wives,” but she’s returning for another dose of reality television on Season 6 of WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.”  

Gravano and her boyfriend Storm will join four other couples who seek the help of new “Marriage Boot Camp” counselors Dr. Ish Major and Dr. V in hopes of them fixing their troubled relationships. During the New York City premiere of the WEtv show on Sept. 22, Gravano, who walked the carpet with her “Mob Wives” co-stars Marissa Jade and Carla Facciolo, talked to International Business Times about her and Storm’s relationship issues and why she felt they needed counseling.

“Storm and I have always had a rocky relationship and it played out on ‘Mob Wives’ so when I was contacted I just felt like why not , we put a lot of our business out there,” Gravano told IBT. “I think a big thing in our relationship is he was misunderstood. He’s very guarded because of television … he’s not a reality star; he didn’t want to be one. So on ‘Mob Wives’ he didn’t want to talk about the relationship and it came across like he was just rude and that’s very different than the way our relationship is at home.”

Gravano said she wanted to use her experience on “Marriage Boot Camp” as a way to show viewers that she and Storm really do care about each other. However, she did admit that they have a few issues they need to work out. “I just figured this would be a really good opportunity for us,” Gravano explained.

In August, WEtv released a trailer for Season 6. At one point, Gravano and Storm are seen yelling at each other. While the former VH1 star didn’t reveal the current status of her and Storm’s relationship, she did tell IBT that joining the series taught her how to deal with conflict. “I’m very guarded,” Gravano said. “And if I’m not getting the response I want I get mad or angry but I just got to learn to walk away.”  

Aside from chatting about her upcoming appearance on “Marriage Boot Camp,” Gravano addressed rumors that there could be a “Mob Wives” spinoff. Nothing has been confirmed and the rumor is just a fan wish for now, but Gravano, Facciolo and Jade all said they would love to sign up if it were to happen. However, if the spinoff were to get the green light Gravano hopes it would be less catty than the original VH1 series.

“I think we’re all looking to go into a different direction,” she told IBT. “We’re not just women that want t bicker and fight. All of us have a lot of other positive things going on so if they’re willing to capture that than I’m sure we’ll sign on.”

“Marriage Boot Camp” Season 6 premieres Friday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. EDT on WEtv.