There's nothing like a good blog post to get filled in on what we haven't seen on The Bachelorette. And according to the star, single mom Emily Maynard, and host Chris Harrison, there's quite a bit going on behind the scenes.

Maynard, blogging for People, addressed the episode crier, Nate, and wrote about jumping off a cliff (and into the ocean water) with him and John. Turns out that the water was cold and rough and she needed a bit of help.

I was trying my best to get to the boat, but John saw that I was having a hard time and helped me the entire way back, Maynard wrote. He couldn't have been more attentive, and I was so thankful that he was there.

Sounds like the kind of guy you want in a tough situation!

As for Nate, he just couldn't make a connection with the single mom, according to Harrison, hence his elimination.

John already had a pretty good relationship going with Emily, and Nate just didn't have it in him to form a connection with her, Harrison wrote for Entertainment Weekly.

Fans are also weighing in on the Bachelorette drama, and opinions seem divided on some of the guys, including Doug. Fans, much like Maynard, are wondering whether he's the real deal or just putting on a show. Two men who are not exactly getting stellar reviews are Ryan and Kalon. Some of their comments are not sitting well with fans.

Emily probably wanted to get rid of Ryan, but they wanted him there for drama, one woman wrote on the show's Facebook page.

Another fan didn't agree with Maynard's decision to eliminate Charlie: Can't believe she sent Charlie home, she wrote. Are you blind woman!!!!! [sic].

Next up for The Bachelorette is a trip to London! The episode promises at least one megapoint of drama: A preview suggests that one of the guys referred to Maynard's daughter as baggage.

Harrison warned those who think they can pull the wool over Maynard's observant eyes.

One thing I realized about Emily is she may not look like it but she notices everything and remembers it all, he wrote for EW. The biggest mistake any of these guys can make is underestimating this woman.

Words from the wise.