Love and drama are in the air in episode six of “The Bachelorette.” After a romantic trip to Munich, Desiree’s eight remaining guys will continue the battle for her heart in Barcelona.

This week Desiree will be going on three dates -- a one-on-one, a group date and another one-on-one. With a rose up for grabs at the end of each date, those suitors who land the one-on-one dates are at risk of being sent packing if Des decides not to hand over the rose.

Drew landed the first one-on-one date and spent the day exploring Barcelona with Desiree. The first real opportunity they have to get to know each other, Drew decided to open up to Des about his hero, his dad. A recovered alcoholic who helps others, he was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

The pair bond over Drew’s personal history, and Desiree takes him to enjoy a romantic private dinner. But Drew has other plans besides dinner. Taking her by the hand and running away from the cameras, Drew presses her up against an alley wall and the two share a passionate (and totally steamy) kiss … which earns him a rose! And Drew still isn’t done after getting the rose. With his safety secure, he tells her about the James drama.

“James said that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with you but if he makes it into the top four it will give him enough exposure and momentum to possibly be the next bachelor and change his life,” Drew tells her. “I’m so sorry.”

But Desiree appreciates the bomb that Drew dropped on her. “Thank you,” she tells him, before telling the cameras that James is a “f***in’ a**hole” and that he can “go screw himself.”

The next day is the group date, and former pro-soccer player Juan Pablo is plenty excited, since they’re spending it at a professional soccer stadium. Goofing around on the field, the date gets serious when Des tells the guys that they’re going to play against her and her team … a professional woman’s team!

While Juan Pablo is able to knock in two goals, the guys have a disadvantage (besides not being professionals) – James is in the goal and he’s not even trying.

“James isn’t into anything these days,” one of the guys tells the camera. “He isn’t into soccer, he isn’t into Des.”

Desiree’s team ends up winning 10 -2, and heads off to her residence with the guys to celebrate. Each of the guys gets a little one-on-one time with Desiree, and with the bachelorette occupied, the others take that time to confront James. Michael and Kasey get into a heated argument with James about what was truly said while Chris watches.

“You sound like you’re auditioning for ‘Jersey Shore,’” Michael tells James. But James is insisting that anything that Drew and Kasey heard was brought up by Mikey, not him.

Des pulls James aside to talk about the accusations, and he is at a loss for words. “That wasn’t me,” he tells her when she asks about the “girls and boats.” “Mikey said that,” he explained, throwing his former buddy under the bus. “That’s why you let him go. Mikey and I are two different people. Mikey didn’t have the one-on-one, the connection I have with you.”

With both of them close to tears, James tries to turn the tables on Desiree. “I have feelings for you, period,” he states. “I really do feel a connection. I feel so excluded now … And if you think that then I should go.”

Now crying, Desiree decides that they both need some time to sleep on it, and the rest of the guys are surprised to see James come back to the hotel room.

Desiree ends up going on her final one-on-one date with Zak before making a decision about whether to send James home or not. The duo head to an art studio where they draw a couple different models – one clothed, each other, and then a nude model. But Zak surprises her with one more model – him – just wearing underwear. The pair laugh, and in the end Desiree ends up giving Zak a rose.

Meanwhile, James decides to confront Drew privately. Things quickly heat up with both men yelling, and concludes with James yelling for Drew to “stop yelling.”

With no cocktail party, the guys head right to the rose ceremony knowing that three guys are going home. Chris and Brooks land the first two roses, leaving the others to sweat it out. In a shocking (eh, not so shocking) move, Des gives the last rose to Michael, sending James, Kasey and Juan Pablo home.

“I just became the next Ben,” James says in the car on his way out. “How?”

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