The 2014 season of “The Bachelorette” is in full swing! With the first eliminations down, Andi Dorfman set out on her journey to find “the one.” And episode 2 of the ABC reality show kicked off with the 26-year-old brunette beauty beginning that search by heading out on her first round of dates. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of smiling, a little bit of kissing … and one very drunk contestant. Let’s break down “The Bachelorette’s” episode 2 drama:

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That Drunk Contestant

Every season has one: The contestant who gets a little too crazy with the open bar. Craig, a tax accountant from Defiance, Iowa, took the title of “That Drunk Contestant” during episode 2 on Monday night.

Using a little liquor to loosen up for his strip tease for “The Bachelor Gives Back,” Craig continued to knock back the drinks during the group date after-party. And while things started off innocently enough with him interrupting Andi and doing the champagne toast, he began to get a little wild.

After briefly talking with Andi, Craig proceeded to jump into the pool … fully clothed. His yelling interrupted Andi and the rest of the guys as they tried to get to know each other, and he made the bachelorette doubt whether he was in the house for the right reasons.

“He got plowed,” host Chris Harrison told TV Guide of Craig’s antics. “He wasn’t out of control, but he was the only guy [drunk] and it got to the point where he was distracting and ruining everybody’s night, so they sent him home to sleep it off.”

As “Bachelorette” viewers saw, Craig felt terrible for going overboard at the party and tried his best to make it up to Andi before the final rose ceremony. His way of apologizing? Singing Andi a song:

“I messed up last night/ I had too much Firefly / I bared my junk to 13 other guys but I hope you think that its’ alright/ Oh Andi/ Please let me stayyy”

Unfortunately for Craig, the song didn't work. While Andi had no hard feelings against him, she decided to eliminate him during the rose ceremony.

The First Kiss

Despite having an over-the-top romantic one-on-one date with Eric, Andi and the world traveler didn’t lock lips. But that doesn’t mean they don’t share some fiery chemistry. Andi was completely captivated by Eric’s stories, and the contestant made it clear to the cameras that he was smitten with her. However it was shy farmer Chris who managed to steal the first kiss from the bachelorette.

After spending a fun day at the Santa Anita horse tracks, Andi and Chris sat down to get to know each other. And it was during that time that Chris opened up about being previously engaged. This wasn’t a deal breaker for Andi, though. Chris explained that he didn’t feel a connection in his heart with his ex, and he wants to hold out for someone he can’t live without. Appreciating his honesty and how comfortable he was to speak about his past, Andi awarded him with a rose. Chris gladly accepted and the pair headed off for one more date surprise -- a private performance by This Wild Life.

It was while dancing that the pair locked lips in one of the most romantic moments of the season so far.

“People are going to absolutely fall in love with Chris, and Andi really gets who he is and appreciates it,” Chris Harrison said of the Iowa farmer. “He’s a country boy, but … [he] has a sophisticated side a woman could be attracted to. Their date just went so well. It was a romantic day, he was just smiling all day, and it made it easy for her to give him that kiss.”

The Second Kiss

But Chris wasn’t the only lucky guy to get a smooch from Andi in episode 2. Josh M., whom Andi admitted in the premiere episode was just her type, swooped in to plant one on her before the rose ceremony. While the chemistry between them was obvious, the kiss was a surprise after Andi admitted that she wasn’t sure if she should travel down that road again. However Josh M. changed her mind when he pulled her aside to try to break the stereotype surrounding him as a male athlete.

“Josh played it smart in calling himself out, saying, ‘I know I’m an athlete and that guy [who] women would typically run from,’” Chris Harrison said to TV Guide of Josh M.’s approach. “He’s the good-looking athlete; every girl goes through that phase. When you’re ready to settle down, it’s a stereotype, but often times that’s not a good or lasting phase.”

But was Josh M. being sincere to Andi? Or could this possibly be one of the tricks that good-looking athletes have up their sleeves? According to Chris Harrison, that remains to be seen!

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