A couple months have passed since the fiasco that was “The Bachelor” finale aired, yet ABC and new “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman still have a couple of digs up their sleeves for Juan Pablo Galavis. In a new poster promoting the upcoming season of “The Bachelorette,” Andi gets the closure she needs before moving on to find her dream man.

The promo photo, released by E! News, features Andi pulling a petal off of a red rose. On the side of the photo is the text: “She’s looking for the right Juan.” However “Juan” is crossed out, and “one” is written in.

[Click HERE to see the photo on E! News.]

The new promotion for “The Bachelorette” is similar to the “Juan-uary” campaign that ABC began earlier this year for Juan Pablo’s season of “The Bachelor.” Playing off of the single dad’s name, the network released a series of promos teasing fans to “fall in love this Juan-uary.” But as viewers know, Andi didn’t fall in love with the bachelor.

Bachelor "Fall in love this Juan-uary." Photo: ABC

While Juan Pablo’s season started off well, things quickly began to fall apart when he began to send the ladies in the house mixed signals. For Andi the icing on the cake didn’t come until the top 3 ladies – Andi Dorfman, Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley – entered the Fantasy Suite round.

“Bachelor” fans will remember that Andi took herself out of the running for Juan Pablo’s heart after she claimed that her overnight date with the soccer stud turned into a total nightmare. “I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like,” she revealed to the cameras after the whole “disaster.”

According to Andi, Juan Pablo spent their romantic evening “name dropping” and talking about his overnight date with Clare the night before.

“There is just no filter with him,” she said at the time. “He thinks that he could say whatever he wants to say … Seeing what life would be like with him, I know that he’s not the one.”

Andi doesn’t need to worry about her nightmare date with Juan Pablo now, because her season of “The Bachelorette” is set to premiere on ABC on May 19.

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