Andi decided to leave after an emotional fantasy suite date in episode 9. ABC

It’s finally fantasy suite time on “The Bachelor!” After weeks of whittling down beautiful bachelorettes, Juan Pablo has his final three ladies – Clare, Nikki and Andi. Having made it through the hometown dates, the women and Juan Pablo must face their feelings – and maybe even their fears – with a rose and overnight date on the line, in episode 9.


Each girl is getting some much needed one-on-one time with Juan Pablo, and Clare’s the first lucky lady to step up to the plate. He whisks her away on a yacht for some fun in the sun (and bikini time), and Clare is aware that the overnight date is on the horizon. Juan Pablo’s ready for the privacy of having no cameras, but is Clare?

“He’s the man of my dreams,” Clare tells the cameras, explaining that she’s ready for her “love story.” But while her feeling for Juan Pablo may be strong, she’s going back and forth about staying the night with him. “I don’t know if the fantasy suite is for me,” she admits.

When night falls, the pair return to the hotel to have a heart-to-heart, and Clare uses that time to talk about Camila and being a stepmother to her. With Camila in mind, the conversation turns to the key to the fantasy suite. Bringing up their “Vietnam discussion,” Clare explains that she has respect for Juan Pablo and is taking Camila into consideration. But Juan Pablo tells her that the rules have changed and that he’s comfortable having an overnight stay with Clare. With Juan Pablo’s blessing, Clare agrees to the fantasy suite. While inside she finally manages to tell him how she feels, and reveals to the camera that he’s the man she wants to have babies with and get married to.


Juan Pablo takes Andi out for his second one-on-one date and the two explore St. Lucia by visiting the Dennery Seafood Fiesta. Playing the steel drums and eating the local food, Juan Pablo surprises Andi by playing a pickup game of soccer with the locals. But that’s not Andi’s “big surprise.” All sweaty from the game, Juan Pablo leads her to a land buggy and drives her to a beautiful waterfall. The pair use their time to talk about the hometown date, and Juan Pablo is comfortable with how his meeting with her family went. But will things stay comfortable when the fantasy suite comes into play?

“If this is a relationship that you think is serious – and I do – then I would definitely like to do this,” Andi says of spending the night with him.

Juan Pablo promises that they’ll talk about any questions that they have about their relationship, and Andi is ready. “I feel on cloud nine right now,” she tells the cameras. “I can’t stop smiling.”

After their overnight date, Juan Pablo can’t stop smiling. “We had a great night,” the bachelor tells the cameras. “We talked and laughed for hours. Hours … like hours.” And while Juan Pablo thinks they had chemistry and that she might be the one, Andi was singing a very different tune.

“Waking up this morning I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite,” she reveals. "The fantasy suite turned into a nightmare … I saw a side to him that I didn’t really like. The whole night was a disaster … I hope he did not think that went well.”

Explaining that she had concerns throughout the whole process, she pushed ahead each week because of the immediate chemistry she shared with him. But no matter how many great dates and great times she had with him, the overnight brought out a side of him that she didn’t like.

Besides not asking her questions or listening to her stories, Andi was upset that he spent the night “name dropping” and talking about his overnight with Clare. Calling their evening “unbelievable” and “inappropriate,” Andi continued that it “blew my mind that he thought that was okay to talk about.”

“There is just no filter with him,” she explained, growing more upset. “He think that he could say whatever he wants to say.” And according to the Atlanta resident, it gets to a point where it’s “just offensive” and wrong – not funny or cute. “Seeing what life would be like with him,” Andi concludes. “I know that he’s not the one.”


Oblivious to Andi’s feelings, Juan Pablo takes Nikki out on the third and final one-on-one date. The pair go horseback riding before cuddling up with a picnic on the beach. It’s there that Nikki expresses her fears – which grew after the hometown date in episode 8.

After speaking with her dad, Juan Pablo said that he wasn’t 100 percent sure about his decision. “It’s scary for me because I know I’m in love with the guy,” Nikki explains. But Nikki plans on gathering the courage to tell him how she really feels at dinner. Agreeing to the fantasy suite, Nikki says “I love you” to Juan Pablo. “And I think you already know that,” she tells him. “But it’s taken a lot for me to say it.” Juan Pablo doesn’t say those three words back, but kisses the blonde pediatric nurse.

After The Dates

With the three fantasy suite dates over, Juan Pablo is even more confused as to who the right girl for him is. Sitting down with host Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo reveals that he had great overnight dates with all three girls and that the decision is going to be a tough one. But Harrison has three videos from the women that should make his decision easier.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us,” Nikki tells him in the video.

“I have absolutely just fallen in love with you,” Clare says in her video. “As amazing as everything has been, I want to start our future from here forward.”

As for Andi’s video? The brunette explains that she had a ton of thoughts and emotions after the fantasy suite. “And I realized that I wanted to share those thoughts with you and I don’t want to share those thoughts with you in a video message,” she says in her video. “I want to share them with you in person.”

Andi’s Heart-To-Heart

Andi wants to be true to her heart and tell Juan Pablo that she’s leaving. And that’s something that the bachelor definitely doesn’t see coming.

“I wasn’t in love with you,” she reveals to him. “I wasn’t going to be … that’s a hard thing for me to realize after all this time.”

Juan Pablo tells her that “it’s okay” and that he respects her 100 percent. But that’s the last thing that Andi wants to hear from the single dad.

“It’s not okay,” she fires back. “I put myself out there … it bothers me when you say it’s okay.”

Juan Pablo tries to explain that if you “don’t feel it” then there is nothing that he can do. But Andi tells him that it sounds like he has no feelings.

“English is my second language,” he tells her. “To me it’s okay. I respect you as a woman, as a person. I totally appreciate you being honest with me because that’s more important to me.”

“I want to die if I hear ‘it’s ok’ again,” Andi says, loosing her cool.

And that’s when she brings up their jaw-dropping fantasy suite conversation. According to Andi, Juan Pablo joked about her “being here by default.” But Juan Pablo tells her that he didn’t say “default” … he said “you barely made it here.”

“I don’t know that word that much,” Juan Pablo says of the word “default.” “It’s not in my vocabulary.”

After the pair hash it out, Juan Pablo tells the cameras that he would have been crushed if Andi just said that it wasn’t working for her. But the argument was disappointing to him. “She’s a lawyer,” he explains. “I’m not going to argue with a lawyer. Honestly, putting words in my mouth it just killed it right there … That argument to me – that was it.”

The Rose Ceremony

With Andi eliminating herself, Juan Pablo went into the rose ceremony with two remaining women – Clare and Nikki. “Andi is no longer here,” Harrison tells the girls. “Something obviously happened that you need to know about.” But he leaves it up to Juan Pablo to tell them what happened. Explaining that Andi didn’t share the same feelings, Juan Pablo tells the girls that it’s okay to say “no” to the rose. Fortunately for him both women gladly accept the two remaining roses.

“I’m ready to leave her an engaged woman,” Clare tells the cameras. “I just can't wait to find out if its me.”