Who will reign as the 2015 “Bachelor”? That’s the question every fan wants answered as Andi Dorfman's season on “The Bachelorette” winds down. While speculation is high, the wait is almost over -- the next bachelor will be announced during the “After the Final Rose” special airing July 28.

But what if the ABC reality show already hinted at the upcoming “Bachelor”? Monday night's “The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All” special gave viewers a pretty good idea of who'll be back in 2015.

“The Men Tell All” special reunites Andi with her exes for one last confrontation. Some men find closure in their breakups by asking what went wrong; while others choose to reignite old fights with their fellow contestants. Monday’s episode had it all, including a surprising outburst from a super fan in the audience.

Bachelorette Ketra, an audience member, interrupted host Chris Harrison for a chance to meet farmer Chris on "The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All." Photo: ABC

Chris, a 32-year-old Iowa farmer, took the hot seat to discuss his relationship with Andi. In the middle of his conversation with host, Chris Harrison, a woman from the crowd (who we later learned was named Ketra) yelled that she had a question for the eliminated contestant. The moderator doesn’t normally take audience questions, so the entire room was shocked by Ketra’s outburst. Instead of cutting the interruption out of the special, Harrison allowed her join him and Chris on stage, and ask her question.

Ketra tells the two men she simply wanted to meet the dreamy farmer.  With that checked off her list, Ketra asks Chris if he believes that he can find someone to date in Iowa. He responds that he doesn't know where he'll find a mate. Harrison gives her a shot at a “speed date” with Chris as the show goes to a commercial break.  The cameras were still on Chris and Ketra when the show returned, and viewers saw Ketra slip him her number.

We can debate whether Ketra’s interruption was organic or set up by the show, but the main takeaway? Chris is a wanted man.

The television show tries to pick fan favorites for the next bachelor or bachelorette, and it pulled a similar stunt during Desiree Hartsock’s 2013 “Men Tell All” special. While the next bachelor wasn't announced at that time, the cameras focused a lot on women in the audience wearing shirts in support of Juan Pablo Galavis. The single dad had little time on screen throughout the season, but  managed to get the biggest roar of audience applause. He was later announced as the 2014 “Bachelor.” But as fans know, Juan Pablo’s season backfired.

Monday night's special hailed Chris as an overall good guy, and its host told the audience that the farmer didn’t fib on the lie detector test. When Chris and Andi faced each other after their breakup, she called him a gentleman.

To make the casting decision a little more obvious, the other breakout stars from “The Bachelorette” -- Marquel and Marcus -- were confirmed as cast members for the new spinoff series, “Bachelor in Paradise.”

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