Season 18 of “The Bachelor” is coming to a close on ABC on March 10, and needless to say the 2014 season has been a complete mess. Rumor has it that the producers and crew members have dubbed Juan Pablo “the worst bachelor ever,” and in honor of that, we’re looking back at his seven most controversial moments this season:

1. Not Kissing Lauren … And Then Kissing Clare

Juan Pablo started off the season by making and breaking some rules. In episode 4, Lauren tried to kiss the bachelor but was immediately shot down. Juan Pablo tried to console her, but Lauren ended up in tears.

“I know that you’ve kissed other girls,” she told him. But all Juan Pablo would tell her is that it’s not an easy situation. He proceeded to tell the cameras that he’s not on the show to kiss everybody … but then went on to kiss Clare shortly after.

“I know I said I’m not going to kiss anybody,” Juan Pablo explained to the cameras. “But she’s sexy. She’s hot.”

2. Juan Pablo’s Anti-Gay Remarks

While doing an interview to promote his season of “The Bachelor,” Juan Pablo made an extremely controversial comment about the possibility of a future gay bachelor. The 32-year-old reportedly told The TV Page’s Sean Daly: “I respect [gay people], but, honestly, I don’t think it’s a good example for kids.” “The Bachelor” star continued that he finds gay people to be “more ‘pervert’ in a sense,” and that the show would be “too hard to watch.”

“Bachelor” host Chris Harrison later told the Hollywood Reporter that he was “disappointed” in Juan Pablo’s comments and that they don’t reflect his feelings or thoughts on the subject. Juan Pablo ended up being confronted by rejected bachelorette Kelly during the “Women Tell All” special, and told her that they would discuss it after the show.

3. Clare’s Ocean Drama

From the start of the season, Juan Pablo shared a steamy connection with Clare – and things escalated between the pair in episode 5. After a group date in Vietnam ended up with the two in his private pool, Clare decided to pay the single dad a visit in his hotel room … at 4 a.m. Asking him to jump in the ocean with her, Juan Pablo stripped off his shirt in a blink of an eye and ran after the 32-year-old California native. Clare told the cameras that the two “just went for it” and that it was “pure bliss … in every way.” But Juan Pablo didn’t feel the same way.

The next day he pulled her aside and told her that he made a mistake. However Clare stood by her actions, telling the cameras that “there was no misunderstanding.”

4. Sending Cassandra Home On Her Birthday

Juan Pablo made a promise to single moms Cassandra and Renee that he would let them know immediately if he didn’t feel a connection with them so that way they wouldn’t be separated any longer from their children. And he did just that with Cassandra … on her 22nd birthday.

“I’ve been thinking a lot,” he told her. “It’s been so hard for me because you’re so gorgeous, you’re funny, you’re so nice … I wish we were in the same chapter.”

It may not have been “controversial” that he dumped her on her birthday, but “Bachelor” fans did find it cruel.

5. Sending Renee Home After Meeting Her Son In Hometown Dates

All season long Juan Pablo has called Renee and Cassandra his “special ones” because they are single moms. However after deciding to go on a Hometown date with Renee and meeting her son, he ended up dumping the 32-year-old. The move seemed hypocritical after he insisted throughout the season that he moved slow with her and was respectful of kissing her because he had her 8-year-old son, Ben, in mind. His decision to dump her after meeting Ben became even more controversial when he revealed a story about how Ben had been devastated over his mom’s last breakup.

6. The Fantasy Suite ‘Nightmare’ With Andi

Andi made it into the top 3, but when time came for her and Juan Pablo to spend some time away from the cameras in the fantasy suite things began to fall apart. While Andi stayed the night in the suite, in the morning she told the cameras that she couldn’t leave fast enough. According to the 26-year-old assistant district attorney, Juan Pablo spent the night “name dropping” and talking about his overnight date with Clare. She continued to tell the cameras that their evening was “unbelievable” and inappropriate” due to his inability to filter. “He thinks that he could say whatever he wants to say,” Andi explained, saying that it’s “just offensive.”

7. The ‘Default’ Dilemma

Andi chose to have a heart-to-heart with Juan Pablo about her decision to leave, and things proceeded to blow up. Juan Pablo told her everything was “OK” and that he respected her decision, but that wasn’t what Andi wanted to hear.

“It’s not OK,” she fired back at him. “I put myself out there … it bothers me when you say it’s okay.”

The bachelorette then brought up the fact that Juan Pablo allegedly told her that she made it into the top 3 by “default.” However Juan Pablo told her that he didn’t say “default” because it’s not in his vocabulary … instead he told her that he may have said “you barely made it here.”

“She put words in my mouth by saying that I used the word ‘default,’” Juan Pablo later wrote in his blog for People. “It was because of her comments in Atlanta about wanting badly to fall in love that I almost decided to bring Renee instead of her, but I followed my heart and feelings instead.”

The season finale of “The Bachelor” airs on March 10 on ABC at 8 p.m. EDT. What did you think was the most jaw dropping or most controversial moment with Juan Pablo on “The Bachelor”? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.