The drama continues Tuesday with a special episode of “The Bachelorette.” Monday’s installment was left “to be continued” after the drama around Chad consumed the whole night. And based on the synopsis for episode 4, it sounds like the issues with Chad won’t be resolved.

Fans of the ABC reality show will remember that Chad actually got physical with fellow contestant Evan after Evan tried to joke about his alleged steroid use. Things got so tense in the house that a security guard was brought in to monitor the situation. “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison even got involved, pulling Chad aside to tell him that violence cannot be tolerated on the show.

Chris gave Chad a second chance and told him to make things right with the other guys, but the episode concluded with Chad threatening to cut off the arms and legs of some of his rivals.

A promo video for episode 4 shows a couple of the contestants suffering from some bloody injuries. The extent of those injuries, or how they sustained them, is currently unknown. But based on Chad’s actions Monday night, many are speculating that he finally snapped.

The synopsis for Tuesday’s installment only fuels those theories. In lieu of the cocktail party, JoJo will join the 17 remaining contestants for a pool party. While the guys should be excited about spending some extra time with her ahead of the rose ceremony, “The Bachelorette” discovers that many of the guys are “distracted by the house drama.” JoJo will make a big cut and send three men home during the rose ceremony. But is one of those guys Chad?

The episode will continue with JoJo and the 14 surviving bachelors packing their bags to travel to Pennsylvania. While there, JoJo will embark on a romantic date in the woods, as well as fun group date at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field with football players Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward and Brett Keisel. But it’s what happens after the group date that fans will want to be looking for. JoJo’s final date for the episode will be a two-on-one date, which will result in one contestant immediately heading home before the rose ceremony. While the two-on-one dates are always “dreaded” and quite awkward, this might actually be the most dramatic one yet. The episode description teases that the two-on-one will end with a “chilling stand-off and the possibility of revenge.”

Could Chad somehow make it to the two-on-one date? Fans of “The Bachelorette” will have to tune in to ABC on Tuesday, June 7, at 8 p.m. EDT to find out.