It’s a Chad world and we’re just living in it.

Although “The Bachelorette” Season 12 is about JoJo Fletcher’s journey to find love, all anyone could talk about during episode 3 is how obnoxious Chad and his meat plates are. Of course, the ABC reality show also threw in a couple of dates for the 25-year-old real estate developer.

First One-On-One Date

Although Chad is confident that he’ll land the first one-on-one date of the week with JoJo since they’ve really been “flowing,” it’s Chase who gets the coveted date card.

“Let’s get physical,” the note says.

Chase is excited about the opportunity to get “physical” with JoJo, but he has no idea that their date involves some super awkward hot yoga. It’s so uncomfortable that JoJo tells the cameras she feels like she wants to “die right now” she’s so embarrassed. The word “anger-gasm” is also thrown out there at some point.

Of course, there is a good side to the date. JoJo gets to admire Chase’s chiseled bod, and the two actually feel a connection. They set a good foundation later in the evening when they talk about what marriage means to them. JoJo gifts Chase with the date rose, securing his spot in the lineup of hunky guys for another week.

Group Date

Chad, Jordan, Evan, James F., Christian, Wells, Daniel, Grant, Nick, Alex, Vincent and Ali land the group date. Every guy is happy to see JoJo again — but Chad isn’t thrilled about the date. He tells the guys that he’d rather not go. The other men in the house have a problem with that, and tell him to cross his name off the date card if he doesn’t want any time with JoJo. Realizing his mistake, Chad tries to backtrack and says all he was trying to say is that he wishes there were “less people.”

Just like the hot yoga, the day out involves a super awkward live show called “Sex Talks.” The show is about “telling your deepest, darkest sexual secrets.” And although the audience is usually spared from spilling all, the guys have to get up onstage and come clean to JoJo with some of their steamiest stories.

For Evan, an erectile dysfunction specialist, this is just “another day in the office.” The other guys aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of talking to JoJo about sex, but they suck it up and try to have fun with it. Well, everyone except Chad. He tells Daniel that JoJo hasn’t “earned” that yet.

JoJo’s impressed at how bold some of the guys are and is surprised at their kinky stories. It’s all fun until Evan takes the stage and implies that Chad takes steroids. As one of the other contestants notes, they could feel the rage radiating off of Chad. And Chad lets that anger show when Evan tries to return to his seat. A little altercation occurs between Chad and Evan, resulting in Chad ripping the back of Evan’s shirt as he walks to the stage.

JoJo is confused about what she just witnessed, but joins Chad onstage when he asks for a hand. He tells her that he’s not interested in talking about the past when he could have a future with her, and grabs her to pull her in for a kiss. Unfortunately, his plan to lock lips with the bachelorette backfires. She turns and gives him her cheek.

As another cast member notes, it was the “greatest disaster of all time.” And at this point Chad is absolutely fuming. He punches the door on the way out of the room, cutting his hand.

Things get more heated backstage when Chad pushes Evan and tells him he’s going to “die.” Evan tries to say he was just trying to have a good time and do stand-up comedy, but Chad can’t stop seeing red. The other men actually worry that he might kill someone.

Despite the altercation, the night continues with JoJo spending some one-on-one time with each of the guys. But Chad’s presence weighs over everyone. He even lurks in the hallway, whistling and keeping watch while waiting for JoJo to finish talking to Nick.

With the guys getting some alone time, they try to talk to Chad about his run-in with Evan. He claims he wasn’t the one who made the first move. According to Chad, it was Evan who made the first push. Pulling Chad’s shirt was simply his way of standing up for himself.

Evan joins the conversation and asks Chad why he’s even at the house. Chad tries to turn things on Evan, and tells him to leave him alone. He basically says Evan’s been obsessed with him and is trying to bully him.

As things with Chad get worse, Evan decides to make a bold move. He gives JoJo an ultimatum, telling her he’s not comfortable staying in the house if Chad’s there. And surprisingly it works out in his favor! JoJo pulls him aside and tells him that she’s happy he is there, but can’t make the decision regarding Chad. However, she wants Evan to stay and gives him the group date rose. Despite not getting the security about Chad, Evan accepts.

Chad’s absolutely shocked when JoJo reveals that she gave the rose to Evan.

“Is this real?” he asks her in front of everyone. “Is this a real scenario right now?”

JoJo’s not putting up with any of Chad’s attitude, and the guys chime in to protect her. But JoJo doesn’t need anyone to stand up for her. She puts Chad right in his place, telling him she doesn’t like this side of him and that he’s being disrespectful. That gets Chad to shut up, but the next day a security guard is at the house watching for a Chad explosion.

Second One-On-One Date

While everyone simmers down from the group date, JoJo takes James T. out for the final one-on-one date of the week. Dressed in some vintage clothes, they learn how to swing dance with a woman who has been dancing since she was a small child. It’s a fun date, but JoJo’s afraid that they're still in the friendship zone. After spending the evening with James T., JoJo decides to give him the date rose after seeing how kind and affectionate he is.

Chad Drama

Episodes of “The Bachelorette” usually end with a rose ceremony, but not this week. Host Chris Harrison arrives to tell the guys the cocktail party has been canceled ... because they’re having a pool party instead!

But before the fun can begin, Evan decides to follow Chris out to talk to him about Chad. He explains that Chad got physical with him, which is something that Chris says the show takes very seriously. When Evan reassures him that this isn’t a simple case of “too much testosterone” in the house, Chris goes back inside and pulls Chad aside.

Chris tells Chad that the show has to draw a line at violence. However, the production is not asking him to leave or sending him home. Instead, Chris tells him to go settle things with Evan and the other guys. Chad must have heard the exact opposite of that because he tells the cameras that he’s going to rip the arms and legs off everyone so that there are just torsos lying around.