What do you do when you’re in love with two men? That’s the predicament that JoJo Fletcher is in in the season finale of “The Bachelorette.” She started off the ABC reality show with 26 contestants and narrowed it down to two — Robby and Jordan . But she can only have a happily ever after with one of them. So, who will she choose? She has one final date with them in Phuket, Thailand. (P.S. It’s pronounced “Poo-ket.”)

Meet The Parents

Both men have to meet JoJo’s parents before they can get down on one knee, and Jordan’s up first. JoJo warns her family that she’s in love with both men and that neither of them know. Of course, her parents are skeptical — especially because Jordan’s the type of guy she usually falls for. They see right away that JoJo has a strong connection with him and want to be certain that he won’t hurt her like others have in the past.

Jordan’s super charming and everyone has a great time with him. They can tell that he cares deeply for JoJo, but he doesn’t ask for her hand in marriage.

Robby, on the other hand, is a “gentleman” and “soft.” Like Jordan, he wins everyone over. But he goes through with asking for JoJo’s hand in marriage. He sits down with both of her parents, who give him their blessing.

The opinion of her family means a lot to her, so she wants to know who they liked more — and their answer surprises her. Everyone agrees that Robby is the more “logical fit” as he is more husband material. As her brother explains, he’s ready for marriage and it’s obvious that he’s committed. Jordan didn’t flat out ask for permission to marry her, which is a concern for them. This shocks JoJo since that’s all Jordan talked about during their fantasy suite date. She begins to cry and starts to defend him. But does that mean she has stronger feelings for Jordan? She admits that she’s worried that she’ll regret whatever decision she makes.

Robby’s Final Date

Robby has one last date with JoJo before the final rose ceremony and the two spend the afternoon soaking in the sun on the beach. It’s there that Robby gets serious about their future, promising her that he’s ready for it all. Later that night, Robby gifts her with photos documenting their journey together on “The Bachelorette.” It’s while looking at the photos that JoJo can’t believe that she didn’t see right from the start that he’d be there at the end. She admits that she can see a lifetime with him, but she doesn’t say “I love you,” and that’s something that concerns Robby. He’s worried that he’s blinded by his love for her and wants to hear that she loves him. However, he does understand that her last relationship with Ben Higgins is preventing her from doing that.

Jordan’s Final Date

Jordan and JoJo spend their final date on the water and JoJo has a lot on her mind. She’s pretty upset that Jordan didn’t ask anyone in her family for permission to marry her, and becomes confused when he explains his reason why. While he admits that he is “crazy in love” with her, and wanted to ask for her dad’s blessing to get down on one knee, he just wants to make sure that that’s what she wants.

“Put yourself in my shoes,” he says, adding that he doesn’t know if it’s going to be him standing there at the end.

The words are supposed to ease JoJo, but it only makes her worry. She reveals that she’s beginning to doubt whether he’s really ready to settle down.

The words are supposed to ease JoJo, but it only makes her worry. She reveals that she’s beginning to doubt whether he’s really ready to settle down.

The two have a little more time to talk later that night and Jordan tries to fix his mistake. He truly regrets not asking her dad permission and doesn’t want to lose her. He promises that he’s willing to take that leap of faith with her, but she’s still bummed that he let her down. She knows that he wants to be with her, however, she’s not sure if he’s ready to get engaged.

Pre-Rose Ceremony

Both Robby and Jordan pick out engagement rings, but Jordan takes things a step further to try to fix things with JoJo. He calls her parents to ask for their blessing — and they give it to him!

JoJo is in tears as she reads a note that Jordan wrote her explaining the phone call. It’s everything that she wanted gear. However, Robby also wrote an emotional letter for her.

The Final Rose Ceremony

With strong feelings for both men, JoJo has an important decision to make — and one man is going home broken hearted.

Robby's the first one to meet JoJo, which never ends well on “The Bachelorette.” He tells JoJo that he is whole heartedly in love with her and absolutely crazy about her. It's a fairytale story for him, but JoJo eventually cuts him off to tell him that he can't get down on one knee.

"Everyday I've been wanting it to be you," she explains. "I fell in love with you. But for some reason my heart is somewhere else."

She's in tears as Robby tells her that he just wants to be happy. She walks him out, apologizing the entire way about trying to follow her heart. Robby cries into a handkerchief as a car drives him away from the rose ceremony.

JoJo composes herself before meeting Jordan, who she's "crazy in love with" and ready to spend the rest of her life with. Jordan feels the same way. He tells ther cameras that this is exactly what he wants.

"I'm so unbelievably in love with you," he tells her when he finally meets her at the final rose ceremony. JoJo shares similar words.

"Jordan, I love you so much," she confesses. "And I've been waiting to tell you."

Jordan gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage, and, of course, JoJo says yes. 

"OH MY GODDDD," she says before pinning her final rose on him.