Fans of “The Bachelorette” shared tears, laughs and “Awws” with couple Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock. From the start of the 2013 series, Chris showered Desiree with romantic poems, and now the engaged couple would like to share them with the world.

Chris has been teasing fans about his poetic memoir, “Diamonds and Hearts,” but now the book is officially here. “Bachelorette” viewers who have a Kindle can purchase an e-book right now through

According to the retail site, “Diamonds and Hearts” can be purchased as an e-book for $8.95. At an estimated 182 pages, the book on Chris’ “journey to find love” features 44 poems along with a written synopsis by Chris and Desiree. But Chris’ poetry isn’t the only thing readers will find inside -- the book also features Desiree’s original poems that she wrote to Chris while on “The Bachelorette!” And, as the Amazon description explains, Desiree “expresses her feelings for Chris in a way no one has ever seen before.”

Although the book was just released, “Bachelorette” fans are already eating it up. Reviewers on Amazon currently give the book 4.7 out of 5 stars and are calling the poetic memoir “genuine and real.”

Don’t fret if you don’t own a Kindle. A free app is available for your smartphone, and Chris is currently working on getting “Diamonds and Hearts” on more reading platforms. Last Thursday, he informed fans via Twitter that his poetic venture will be hitting iBooks “in a couple days” and that a hard/paperback release will follow.

And what is Desiree currently working on besides supporting her fiance’s first book release? “The Bachelorette” will be launching a blog/website soon for brides-to-be. The site will provide them with “ideas, advice, stories, theme boards, designs, etc.,” she teased via on her Twitter.

Click here to watch a video of Chris Siegfried explain the scoop on his new book, and let us know whether you’ll be buying “Diamonds and Hearts.” Check out the full book description below and let us know your thoughts:

Diamonds and Hearts - A Poetic Memoir is the highly anticipated poetry book by Chris Siegfried. With the encouragement from his family and new fiance, Desiree Hartsock, he decided it was time to open his heart to the world.

Diamonds and Hearts is your inside look into the heart of Chris as he pushed through professional baseball and through his recent journey to find love on national television.

Each poem not only has a written synopsis explaining where Chris heart was at the time of writing, but also has the original piece from his journal!

It's ALL in here!