While JoJo Fletcher is away filming Season 12 of “The Bachelorette” her ex-boyfriend is busy stirring up drama behind the scenes. Chad Rookstool, who infamously contacted JoJo when she was a contestant on Ben Higgins’ “The Bachelor” season, is revealing all the dirt on ABC’s newest star — claiming she may be using the dating series as a career booster and teasing that her feelings for Ben may have been merely the work of TV magic.

Chad told In Touch Weekly that after JoJo completed filming for “The Bachelor” — Ben dumped her in the finale in favor of now-fiancée Lauren Bushnell — they began seeing each other again. “We were sneaking around the whole time,” Chad said. “As soon as she got home, we started hanging out every day and being intimate again.”

Despite JoJo appearing devastated by her breakup with Ben on the show, Chad says he doesn’t think her feelings were authentic. “JoJo told me, ‘Chad, come on, you know it was TV,’ ” he said. He added that JoJo revealed to him she sometimes felt she made the wrong decision be agreeing to be a part of the series. Chad said he believes she “got sucked up in the show rather than actually trying to have legit feelings.”

Four months after their reunion, Chad says JoJo ended their relationship because she didn’t know if she would become the next “Bachelorette” star. After telling Chad their goodbye “wasn’t forever,” Chad says he thinks JoJo went on the show to boost her career. (Prior to becoming a reality star JoJo worked as a real estate developer.) 

“JoJo thought the show would help branch out her career. She said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” he revealed. 

Chad made his debut on “The Bachelor” in episode 8 when he sent JoJo, who at the time was in Ben’s final four, a letter and roses. JoJo, initially believing the letter was from Ben, read it out loud for the cameras. Once she realized the message was not from her beloved, she refused to continue and called her ex. JoJo told Ben about the note during their hometown date, which upset him until she confirmed their relationship was in the past.

JoJo started shooting Season 12 of “The Bachelorette” this month. According to the series creator, she has already kissed “4.5” men and rumors suggest she has already found a front-runner in contestant Jason Rodgers. Her season premieres on May 23 on ABC.