Hold onto your DeLoreans, it’s going to be some time before there will be a new “Back to the Future” movie in theaters. The director of the original trilogy says he won’t allow for a reboot to take-off anytime in the near future.

Just as the wheels of a new “Ghostbusters” is rolling, a new “Star Wars” franchise is revving up, and the next “Terminator” sequel is storming movie theaters for the holiday weekend, director Robert Zemeckis told The Telegraph he has no intentions of seeing his beloved “Back to the Future” series rebooted. Zemeckis and his co-writer Bob Gale would refuse to sign off, and he is looking into ways to make sure his estate could block a reboot or remake in any parallel time stream.

“I mean, to me, that’s outrageous. Especially since it’s a good movie. It’s like saying ‘Let’s remake Citizen Kane,” he told the outlet. He even mused about casting the now iconic roles made famous by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. “Why would anyone do that?”

Well, the Hollywood answer to that is simple: the quirky time-traveling “Back to the Future” series is still wildly popular decades after its release. Since “Back to the Future II” hit its 2015 anniversary mark, several pieces (including this one from The Telegraph) were happy to look over the technology created for the film’s preview of the future and see which ones have made it into existence. Every so often, a Photoshopped still of the DeLorean’s counsel from “Back to the Future II” will also make the viral rounds.

Until then, it looks like “Back to the Future” fans will have to relish the classic trilogy with Doc, Marty and the DeLorean. I’m sure both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox are both relieved they don’t have to reprise their roles.