Bad driving is a disease and it can be cured, according to one doctor in the People's Republic of China.

Cars can be fitted with the highest levels of equipment: safety belts, air bags, and so on. Roads can be more regulated. But people, how can you help them become better? People still need to be controlled, they must face restrictions, Dr. Jin Hung told The Daily Telegraph.

Research efforts are still underway, but Jin is attempting to identify particular psychological and physical traits that result in poor driving habits like road rage and other risky behaviors.

Once Jin is able to identify the bad driving traits, he will push for people with those traits to receive special training for the road in order to prevent accidents and fatalities.  

Trying to get something like bad driving down to a science is a difficult task, but Jin is ambitious.

Looking for more than just a bad driving phenotype, Jin is searching for an actual gene that may be responsible for a whole host of bad driving habits.

While finding such a gene may well prevent road fatalities, there is a business objective behind Jin's gesture to solve the problem of bad driving in China and around the world.

Anhui Sanlian Group, Jin's driving safety company, tests drivers and installs surveillance cameras to monitor their problems.

Jin has sold his program to several Chinese municipalities, and he has told various news sources that his business is turning a profit.

Although Jin may not have started his attack on bad driving for purely philanthropic reasons, his cure is getting the job done.

In Jinan, a city to China's east, police say traffic deaths have decreased by one third since implementing Jin's system in the past five years.