21-year-old Ryan Edward Dougherty, 26-year-old Dylan Dougherty Stanley and 29-year-old Lee Grace Dougherty, a.k.a. the "Dougherty Gang," were arrested Wednesday morning after a high-speed chase in Colorado.

The roughly 20-mile chase were over 100 mph at times and shots were fired, which ended when the trio's vehicle crashed.

After being treated in a local hospital, they will be booked into Pueblo County Jail, according to Colorado State Patrol.

The fugitive siblings had been sought since Aug 2 in Pasco County when they fired 20 shots at a Florida police officer pursuing them. Later they became suspects in a Georgia bank robbery.

The police records reveal that the Dougherty Gang has committed numerous crimes in the past.

Ryan Dougherty has 14 felony arrests. Last Monday he was set to register as a sex offender and serve 12 years probation for sending about 400 sexually explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl, according to the FBI. Dougherty cut off his ankle monitor before the alleged bank robbery.

Lee Dougherty, a part-time stripper, has five arrests for hit-and-run and several misdemeanors. The only female of the trio gang was wanted for a probation violation. On her Flickr.com profile she described herself as a redneck who enjoyed causing mayhem with her siblings, loved to farm, shoot guys, and wreck cars.

The siblings refused to surrender themselves to the authorities after their mother, Barbara Bell, had pleaded for their voluntary surrender. They instead sent her a text message: "There's a time for all of us to die."

"They were extremely dangerous. They've engaged law enforcement multiple times with weapons fire, and we and state patrol took fire [Wednesday] on I-25. They're the baddest of the bad," said FBI spokesperson Dave Joly.