Police have arrested the wife and mother of Adam Mayes, who is the chief suspect in the killing of a Tennessee woman and her oldest daughter and kidnapping the woman's other daughters, said police officials on Tuesday.

Police identified the bodies discovered in the home of Adam Mayes as Jo Ann Bain and 14-year-old Adrienne Bain. As the manhunt continues for Mayes, who is believed to have kidnapped Bain's two other children 12-year-old Alexandria Bain and 8-year-old Kyliyah Bain, police have arrested and filed charges against his wife, Teresa Mayes, and mother, Mary Mayes. They were arraigned in Hardeman County, Tenn., on Tuesday, reported the Associated Press.

According to an affidavit, Teresa, 30, reportedly told investigators that she drove Jo Ann Bain and her daughters from Hardeman County in Tennessee to the Mayes residence in Union County, Miss. The affidavit also stated that Mary Mayes knew about the crimes.

Teresa Mayes' bond is set at $500,000; Mary Mayes, $300,000, reported WMCTV.

Bobbi Booth, Teresa's sister, said her sister told her about the murders of Jo Ann and her 14-year-old daughter. Their bodies found in the backyard of Mayes' home.

She knew he dug the grave, said Booth, reported WMCTV. That was my understanding of the conversation with her because I was yelling at her. I'm like 'You what?' You know. What she said, 'I saw him digging a hole.'

Booth however, thinks her sister was too scared to tell the police about the incident.

Teresa started to call, text and Facebook constantly on Thursday, she said, according the AP.

Booth told her sister it was best to call the police. Teresa said she had, but Booth did not believe her and called the authorities herself.

I told them exactly what she had told me: Who the bodies were, where they could be dug from, Booth said.

The FBI believes that Adam Mayes is still on the run with Alexandria and Kyliyah.

As police attempt to track down Mayes and the Bain family, they warned that he might have changed his appearance to evade capture.

We do have information that he has altered the appearances of everybody including himself, primarily from cutting their hair, Siskovic said, reported ABC. The girls may have far shorter hair than the pictures out there.

In the meantime, arrest warrants for kidnapping charges have been issued for Mayes.

The Bain family has been missing since April 27. Gary Bain, Jo Ann's husband and the father of the missing girls, had attempted to get in touch with his wife throughout the day and was unable to reach her. When the girls did not return from school, he reported them missing to the local sheriff's office. The family car was also gone.

Bain's adult daughter and his granddaughter had spent the night at the family home, but they did not see any sign of the family the next morning. They assumed the four just left the house before anyone woke up.

Mayes is a family friend who was staying there that night to help the family pack and drive a U-Haul to Arizona the next day with Gary because the family was planning on moving there within the month, Kristin Helm said, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, reported the AP. Gary was asleep at the home that night and woke to find them gone in the morning and the car gone. Mayes was gone too.

Booth said that the Adam was very close to the family. The girls even considered him an uncle. She said they were like a a big happy family and finds is shocked that this happened.

I have cried until I'm sick, she said. I was totally shocked. I've known him since I was little. We played together when we were kids. I always thought he was odd, but I never dreamed he'd do this.

Booth said that Adam was very controlling of her sister. She had not been in much contact with her for about 11 years.

He was very aggressive with her, abusive, she said. Booth said that her sister also believed Adam was having an affair with Jo Ann Bain.

Police spoke with Mayes early in the investigation at his home in Mississippi. They discovered him there after he left the Bain family home on April 27, but they did not see the missing family members there at the time. However, when they tried to find him again because he gave them misleading information, Mayes had fled and the two bodies were found.

Early days of the investigation led us to suspect Adam Mayes, Siskovic said, reported ABC.

We don't know exactly where he's going. We do consider him armed and dangerous.

On Sunday, forensic scientists with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation searched the garage and the backyard at the Hardeman County, Tenn., home where the Bain family resided. However, there did not appear to be any new evidence.

Jo Ann and the kids, everyone loves them. We're just hoping to hear that they're safe, said Linda Kirkland, a family friend and cook at the Country Cafe in Whiteville, Tenn., according to the AP.

The FBI and the U.S. Marshals are offering a reward of $50,000 for any information leading to the whereabouts of Bain and her daughters and the arrest of their possible abductor, Mayes.

We are very concerned about the girls' safety and believe someone in Tennessee or Mississippi may have information about what happened to them, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm said on Sunday.

If anyone has seen or has had contact with Adam Mayes in the last week, we would urge them to come forward, she said.