Local businessmen in the African continent of Malawi have taken to naming their products after famous personalities like Osama bin Laden, Barack Obama and George W. Bush; they believe this will help them create a unique identity and boost sales.

We make bin Laden buns, says Mahomed Hanif Valimamade, co-owner of a patisserie, Portuguese Bakery, in the city of Blantyre, according to CNN.

The success of Valimamade's bin Laden buns has prompted several others in the city to adopt similar practices. He tells CNN that there are now baked goods and breads named after U.S. Presidents Obama and George W. Bush. However, he does add that these do not sell quite as well as his because of their slightly smaller sizes. There is also a mobile phone named after Malawian president, Bingu wa Mutharika.

The unusual practice of naming their bread rolls as the Malawians have started when customers likened the appearance of the local staple to similar ones made in the Middle East. What started as an association of ideas on the customer's part soon had businessmen cashing in on the link.

Valimamade added that in spite of the general liking for the name, it has nothing to do with sympathy or support for the late al Qaida leader.

It seems to me this is nothing to do with politics. Malawian people are very pro-Western, CNN quotes Valimamade as saying.