Alex Talbot tries to flirt with Rafiq’s sister again in “The Brink” episode 5, the preview video of the episode shows. HBO has also released the preview video of the next episode of “Ballers,” in which Spencer finds it difficult to break ties with Vernon. [Spoiler alert]

General Zaman (Iqbal Theba), who had taken over Pakistan, will send some of his militants to terrorize Rafiq’s (Aasif Mandvi) family in episode 5. The preview video of the episode shows Fareeda (Melanie Kannokada) armed to defend herself against future attacks. Alex takes advantage of the situation and remarks that he finds smart and aggressive women “extremely attractive.”

“I hope that one day you find one,” Fareeda responds.

War is looming over South Asia, with Israel preparing to launch a strike after General Zaman threatened to destroy their country. Walter Larson (Tim Robbins) will attempt to prevent the situation from escalating by visiting the Israeli foreign minister unannounced. Meanwhile the two pilots who had ejected out of their jet in the previous episode get captured by militants.

HBO has also released the preview video of “Ballers.” Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) had previously decided to cut off ties with Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) after getting the $300,000 that he had loaned the football player. However, after speaking to Vernon after his repeated calls, Spencer finds out that his soon to be ex-client is getting blackmailed.

Spencer had hosted a big party for football players on his boss’ boat and Vernon had spent some time using drugs with his friend Reggie (London Brown) and some women. Someone evidently has access to photographs taken at the party and is now threatening to release them.

Charles Greane (Omar Benson Miller) gets into some trouble after his wife finds out about the girl who has been texting him and sending him pictures of herself in revealing clothes. Alonzo (Antoine Harris) faces his share of trouble when he gets arrested in his underpants.

Episode 5 of “Ballers” will air on July 19 at 10 PM on HBO. The comedy and drama continues in “The Brink” with the next episode airing on July 19 at 10:30 PM, right after Johnson’s TV show.