Baltimore's Michael Jackson sensation is back. Dimitri Reeves, whose imitations of the King of Pop’s famous dance moves went viral earlier this week, returned to the streets Thursday with a performance at North Avenue and Monroe Street in West Baltimore. His moves to Jackson's "Black or White" drew a crowd, according to a tweet from WMAR-TV's Brian Kuebler.




During riots in Baltimore earlier in the week, videos surfaced of Reeves, a 22-year-old Baltimore-based singer and rapper, dancing on top of a yellow truck to Jackson's "Beat It" as a helicopter spluttered above. Another featured him dancing and moonwalking in a major intersection.

In Thursday's video, a cup labeled "Tips" had been placed on top of a sheet of paper, with "All Tips to Freddie's Fam." written in capital letters in blue marker. The cup appeared empty, though it was not clear who had placed it there.

As Reeves danced Thursday, people gathered, some dancing along with him and pulling out their cell phones to record video.
"I wanted to go out and show people flipping cars isn't the answer," Reeves said, explaining his earlier performances to the New York Daily News. He also told the channel RT America, "I just want to bring positivity and peace to the streets. We have enough violence."