Lisa Czibor is positive that her listing of the 2005 Chrysler 300C -- one that President Barack Obama reportedly once owned or leased and drove -- will sell for the hefty price of $1 million.

If I was Mitt Romney, I would bet you $10,000 it's going to sell this time, Czibor said in a phone interview Thursday, laughing. But I don't have that kind of money. I'm pretty positive it will sell.

Czibor is selling Obama's car on eBay as a favor to a friend, who is the car's owner. The car's owner wished to remain anonymous, and turned to Czibor -- username cubfanatic23 -- and her 100 percent positive feedback score on more than 11,000 ratings.

Czibor, who describes herself as a Ronald Reagan conservative, happily obliged. She said she will get a small cut of any selling price, something she said will help with a mortgage to pay, a son in college and a teenage daughter playing travel softball.

You do what you can, she said. Instead of sitting on the couch and waiting for the government to help me out, I'm doing what I can.

But can she really expect to sell Obama's former car for that hefty price?

No, deadpanned Craig Jackson, the chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson, an automotive auction company.

This is a pure capitalistic sale, he said. No charity involved. President is alive. It's got a lot of things going against it to bring that kind of money.

But Czibor, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, thinks it's doable. She said the car's owner had listed the Obama Chrysler two years ago, when it fetched a bid of $1.5 million. That bid, she said, came from some joker bidding for fun, and eBay cut off the auction.

This year, in the heat of the political climate that comes with the 2012 presidential election, the car's owner was ready to put it on the market again. The car, Czibor writes on the eBay listing, was registered in Obama's name on July 13, 2004, when he was running for U.S. Senate in Illinois. She wrote that he drove it more than 19,000 miles before he traded it in for a Ford Escape Hybrid in 2007. She said the car's page had already gotten as many views by mid-Thursday afternoon as it had the previous couple days.

Czibor said it would be a perfect purchase for a mid-level rapper looking for publicity.

It would be good for, say, a mid-level rapper who has an album coming out or is opening a club and wants more publicity, Czibor said. If they bought this for $1 million, they would be interviewed by all of the people that are calling me. They would get so much free publicity that it might be worth it for $1 million.

She also cited cars of current and former prominent figures that have sold for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. She wrote that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's 1977 Peugeot sold for more than $2 million. A blue Ford Escort owned by Pope Benedict XVI, she wrote, fetched $244,000. And a billionaire bought Adolf Hitler's blue Mercedes for $8 million.

 People pay ridiculous amounts of money for things, Czibor said.

Jackson said his company's bread and butter is auctioning off famous cars. He said the car could likely fetch multiples of what it's worth on a used-car market -- about $20,000. But not $1 million.

The car needs to be little older, needs to have been one that people have seen the person in, Jackson said, citing cars like Dwight Eisenhower's parade car that serves as a memorable image.

Czibor said it was kind of cool to have the privilege of selling a president's car, even if she disagrees with his views. She doesn't know who she'll be supporting this presidential election -- she longs for some combination of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney.

For now, she's focused on selling the former car of one of those candidates' potential opponent.

It's pretty ironic, Czibor said. But this way, hopefully, I can be a free-market capitalist and work and get some money out of it.