Normally when pundits bemoan Washington’s revolving door they complain about lawmakers leaving public life in favor of corporate interests. That phrase could soon have an entirely new meaning now that the makeup artist from “Veep” might be leaving the HBO show for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Barbara Lacy worked as Clinton’s makeup artist for more than 12 years before jumping to “Veep,” the popular comedy that pokes fun at the goings on in the White House. Clinton is perceived as the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 though the former secretary of state has yet to announce her candidacy officially. "Veep" stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, a vice president who struggles to overcome the hilarious ineptitude of her own staff.

“Can you believe that we have Hillary Clinton’s makeup artist?” Louis-Dreyfus asked at Monday night’s “Veep” premiere party, as quoted by Allure magazine. “And now Hillary is apparently announcing soon. So, yeah, I’m confident that we will lose her.”

Decorating a presidential candidate might not be that different than a group of actors, with Lacy telling the Hill in 2010 much of her time was spent considering what her client would look like on the screen.

“If you don’t look healthy, if you look sickly or tired, there are things that people judge you by if they’re just looking at you and not listening to you,” she said two years after helping Clinton through her candidacy in 2008. “If you’re walking by a newspaper or television set, you’re looking at the picture and not necessarily at the content. It speaks. And that’s why you need makeup.”

Louis-Dreyfus added if Lacy does choose to accept a position with the Clinton campaign, she’ll leave “Veep” in better shape than when she arrived.

“She got a me a note from Hillary Clinton on secretary of state [stationary] to me as Selina Meyer. It’s really special, and I have it framed in my office.”