Click here to watch - Is Sergio Busquets calling Marcelo a mono (monkey)?

Real Madrid have accused UEFA of ignoring racism after the European governing body overlooked Madrid's allegations against Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets of abusing Marcelo.

Madrid released video footage of Busquets from the first leg of the Champions League semifinal between the two teams, claiming he was calling Marcelo a monkey. Jose Mourinho's assistant, Aitor Karanka, is enraged that UEFA has overlooked their claim and has said the second leg at the Nou Camp takes on only a secondary importance after UEFA's failure to defend fair play.

A clearly bitter Karanka said, There will be a player on the pitch who racially abused another player, while others who have done nothing wrong won't be there (Pepe, who was red carded in the first leg). After today's resolution the game itself drops to a secondary issue. (Uefa is) an organisation which talks about principles like respect and fair play and yet nothing has happened.

We have seen the images which have been round the world, including a player making racist insults and covering his mouth to try to make it so that you can't see it. But he will be on the pitch, along with others. Other players who have done nothing wrong won't be. That is the most important thing today. The football is not.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, however, titled his players as professionals and said Busquets made a mistake.

 I know these players. They are an example of professionalism, he said.They love this sport. Some of them, during the game, can make a mistake but as players they are exemplary both for Spain and for Barcelona.

When queried whether he would punish Busquets, he said, We are not proud when they make mistakes but I know these players. If we do something wrong, then Uefa have to decide. It won't happen again.