Draya Michele initially rose to fame as one of the stars of VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA.” Since then she has gone on to land several notable acting roles and become a staple on Instagram and Twitter. Despite her already impressive resume, Draya continues to expand her horizons to new ventures. Most recently, the reality TV star broke into the fashion world where she has, unsurprisingly, seen incredible success. At present, Draya has two popular lines under her belt and her empire continues to grow. International Business Times was able to get a word with the up-and-coming fashion mogul about her pre-existing lines as well as what’s to come.

As of right now Draya owns and contributes designs to both  Mint Swim and  Fine A-- Girls. Mint Swim started in 2011 with just four different designs and now offers close to 40 swimsuits for women and children. Draya told IBT when designing her swimsuits she really wanted to create something that women of all shapes and sizes could wear. While she's not sure whether she's achieved that just yet, the talented designer said she's "pretty close.” In addition to outfitting grown women for beach days and days spent poolside, Draya recently decided to delve into the world of children's swimwear. She said going from sexy bikini's for adults to age-appropriate swimsuits for children has presented her with many challenges, but nothing she couldn't handle.

"I thought making matching swimsuits for moms and daughters was a really cute idea, so I wanted to start there but once I realized it was a big success I thought, 'well, you know, I could just keep it going,'" she said. "Swimsuits are, I feel, supposed to be minimal. Some women like to keep their little girls reserved and in a one-piece and there are some women that want their little girls in swimsuits that look more adult and, both of them are doing just fine so I'm making both."

In the few short years since its introduction, Mint Swim has been a great success. According to Draya, when she first created the line she had just four designs available for purchase and now has close to 40 designs for customers to choose from and is constantly adding new designs. While the collection are all selling like hot cakes, she noted that "Fiona is the most popular," with the high-waisted  bikini's trending style that is "flattering" and provides coverage of an area that many women are insecure about come swimsuit season: the stomach.

Draya Michele Draya Michele, photographed looking stylish and chic in promotional shot taken by Chris Paul Thompson, is currently designing for her Fine A-- Girls brand and up-and-coming menswear line Photo: Chris Paul Thompson

In addition to her highly successful swimwear line Draya also owns and designs for Fine A-- Girls, a clothing line which caters to the 20 something set. Draya describes the line as a "really young brand," which was created to cater to her large, young fan base. All of the designs are feminine, fresh and nothing on the site will break the bank -- which is exactly what she wanted for the brand.

"It's supposed to be really girly and most importantly affordable. I have a lot of fun with that line. Creating for it is always exciting," she said. "It's a combination of things that I like and things that people tell me to make or request on social media and also ideas and clothing that I'm inspired by."

With both of those brands seeing major profit, Draya has decided to try her hand at a new fashion venture: menswear. She told IBT exclusively that she is currently in the early stages of expanding that brand, and it "should be done by next year." At present, Draya has not nailed down her exact vision for the line, but will likely draw inspiration from Kanye West and David Beckham, who she feels are two of the best dressed men in Hollywood right now. 

While she continues to work hard on all three projects, Draya said her main focus is growth. She hopes that she can continue to spread the word about all three brands, adding new loyal customers and fans to each. Draya told IBT she likes to think of each brand as "a club or a sorority," and would like to keep "expanding our members."