The drama is still brewing on Sunday’s episode of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA,” and it all centers around Draya Michele. Episode 9 picked up at Brandi Maxiell’s Great Gatsby-themed cancer event immediately following her argument with Draya over off-camera comments the model made, supposedly calling Brandi’s cancer story “boring.”

Brandi starts crying and tells Malaysia Pargo, Jackie Christie and Shaunie O’Neal that Draya’s remarks hurt her feelings. Even though Draya never makes an appearance during episode 9, her past actions continue to cause tension among the group.  

Meanwhile, Shaunie is hatching up a plan with “Basketball Wives: Miami” star Tami Roman to gather all the ladies – minus Draya – for a brunch. Tami wants to use the opportunity to meet everyone, and Shaunie decides it's better the girls don't know her friend and former co-star will be joining them at the brunch.

When Tami does pop up unannounced, Jackie Christie seems like the only one excited to see Tami. Malaysia and Brandi seem a bit apprehensive, and Malaysia even tells Tami her presence might make things “worse” for the group. If you’re a fan of “Basketball Wives” than you already know Tami isn’t one to bite her tongue, and she immediately stirs up trouble by asking Brandi and Malaysia if they’re lesbians because that’s the “word on the street.” Even though both girls vehemently deny the rumor, Tami doesn’t believe them.

Pretty soon, the conversation turns back to Draya and Brandi wins sympathy points with everyone when she reads aloud a nasty text message Draya sent her. In a confessional, Shaunie says Draya is starting to show everyone her true colors, and Jackie tells the girls she doesn’t want to be friends with Draya anymore. Everyone, except newbie Angel Brinks, seems OK with not talking to Draya ever again. Things get tense at the brunch when Angel storms off after trying to defend Draya, whom she’s been friends with for years.

The drama between the ladies continues when Tami decides to meet up with some of the girls to talk one-on-one. First the “Marriage Bootcamp” star chats with Malaysia about her feud with Draya. Malaysia starts crying as she tells Tami that she’s hurt Draya didn’t reach out to her while she was going through a divorce or when her brother was shot and killed. Malaysia also reveals she’s not really friends with Jackie because she doesn’t trust her.

After meeting with Malaysia, Tami then sits with Jackie and tells her that Malaysia doesn’t really like her. As expected, that bit of information leads to some tension between Jackie and Malaysia. Things escalate after Jackie jokes about Malaysia's divorce. In a preview for next week's episode, Malaysia kicks her co-star out of her launch party, and Draya makes an appearance during a girls trip to Puerto Rico.