Looks like Stephen Moyer is trading his fangs in for a new type of weapon. According to reports, the “True Blood” actor has signed on to star in Kurt Sutter’s upcoming historical drama, “The Bastard Executioner.”

The fictional series is set in the early 14th century and tells the story of a knight of King Edward I’s who is haunted by the “ravages of war.” After vowing to turn his cheek to violence, the knight will be forced to pick up “the bloodiest sword of all.”

Moyer will reportedly play Milus Corbett, a marshal in the army who TVLine reported as having street smarts and nobility. Moyer’s character will serve as a "Chamberlain, Chancellor and Justicar" when the series premieres.

We can’t say that Moyer’s participation in the show is totally surprising. He and his wife, Anna Paquin, who also starred in the HBO supernatural drama, have repeatedly stated their obsession for Sutter’s FX drama, “Sons of Anarchy.”

In fact, during the 2014 Comic Con held in San Francisco, Moyer and Paquin fan girl-ed when they bumped into some of the “SoA” cast.

The mastermind behind the motorcycle drama responded to his number one fans, offering them a spot on the show’s final season. “@_smoyer you and the wife should play a pimp and a ho on #SOA,” he quipped. But little did he expect the duo to accept his offer!

“When and where?” Paquin replied. “I do trashy/tragic/slutty like none other.”

But the couple never appeared on the series. Instead Sutter proposed that the two appear in his new series. Guess he’s a man of his word!

Moyer will star opposite Katey Sagal in “The Bastard Executioner,” Deadline reported, adding that Sutter will also be taking on a major on-screen role in the series set in the UK.

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