“Bates Motel” returns to A&E on March 3, and the network is busy keeping fans occupied with a haunting new season 2 video. The sneak peek, which clocks in at a little over two minutes, brings a deceased character back to life.

Viewers will remember that season 1 ended with Miss Watson picking up Norman after she found him walking home in the rain from the school dance. Planning on cleaning her student up before dropping him off at home, Miss Watson made a pit stop to her home. But Miss Watson never got a chance to drive Norman home.

Norman began to hallucinate his mother, who told the teen that his teacher was trying to seduce him by leaving her bedroom door open and changing by a mirror. “Norman, you know what you have to do,” the vision of his mother warned him.

While viewers didn’t actually witness Norman attacking his teacher, the cameras cut to him running down the road … and a puddle of blood at Miss Watson’s house leading to her body. The first season concluded with the cameras zooming in on Miss Watson with her throat cut and a necklace with a “B” on it.

As we previously reported, Miss Watson’s death will be “present” at the start of season 2, and the new promo video, “What Happened to Miss Watson?,” certainly hints at that.

The video, which appears to be a flashback to before the school dance, starts off with someone holding a camera and walking through the home of Miss Watson. The person stops when they get to the teacher’s bedroom, and focuses in on her getting ready in a lacy slip dress.

Gasping in surprise when she sees the person, Miss Watson tells them to put down the camera. But the mysterious cinematographer doesn’t stop filming. “Come on, I don’t have time for this,” she tells the person. “I have to be at the dance at 7.”

But Miss Watson eventually relents, telling the person to “come on” as she motions towards her bed. The pair engages in some sexual activity before Miss Watson is once again forced to get ready for the dance. “Can you please turn that off now,” she tells her lover.

The unidentified person puts the camera down on a table where “Bates Motel” fans can get their first look at new season 2 character, Nick, in a framed photo. Nick, who is Miss Watson’s father, is set to be a recurring character who wants to “exact revenge on the perp responsible” for his daughter’s death.

The video concludes with the person, who appears to be a man, locking lips with Miss Watson. As she heads out for the dance, she tells him to lock up on is way out and warns him to not let anyone see him leave.

So, who is the mystery lover?  Due to the “B” necklace, “Bates Motel” viewers initially believed that Miss Watson was the woman having an affair with Bradley’s father. But Bradley’s dad died well before the school dance … which means that she was also seeing someone else at the time of her death.

Season 2 of “Bates Motel” premieres on A&E on Monday, March 3. Will you be tuning in? Who do you think Miss Watson was involved with? Do you think Norman is innocent? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop