The grand opening of “Bates Motel’s” second season is rapidly approaching. A&E’s hit original series is set to reopen its doors on March 3, and a leaked synopsis for episodes 1-5 reveals that some serious drama is brewing in White Pine Bay.

As we previously reported, the season 2 premiere, “Gone But Not Forgotten,” will pick up in the summer – which means it’s tourist season for White Pine Bay. Norma should be ecstatic since that means customers for the motel, but instead she’s worried about the future of her business when plans for the bypass move forward.

Money problems aren’t the only thing on Norma’s mind when the series picks back up. She also has to take care of Norman when he becomes fixated on the death of Miss Watson. Meanwhile, Norman’s old flame Bradley is in a whole other boat when she becomes “driven to extreme measures” to search for her father’s killer.

What will happen after the premiere of “Bates Motel”? It appears as if the A&E series has no plans of slowing down:

Episode 2 – “Shadow of Doubt”

Norman’s still focused on Miss Watson’s death, and Norma tries to distract him by making him join a play. But that won’t keep Norman out of trouble. Bradley will be turning to her ex-hookup for help to “escape a dire situation.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff Romero is “pressured to make an arrest for the murder,” and Dylan and Remo are on edge when a new player comes to town.

Episode 3 – “Caleb”

It’s time to welcome Norma’s estranged brother, Caleb, into the mix! During the season 1 finale Norma told Norman that her brother sexually abused her for years. But is that the truth? “Bates Motel” viewers will have to wait and see, but it sounds like Dylan is unaware of his mother’s awful history with his uncle. According to the synopsis, Dylan will try to “bridge the gap” between the pair when Caleb shows up at the motel.

Meanwhile, a memorial for Emma’s friend leads the teen to a new relationship; and Norman once again gets sucked into trouble by a woman, this time a townie girl. In other motel news, Norma will finally find an ally in her “battle to stop the bypass.”

Episode 4 – “Check-Out”

Dylan will begin to question his loyalty to Norma and Norman with the return of his uncle Caleb. Norman, on the other hand, feels the opposite, and is growing “increasingly worried about Caleb’s presence in town.”

Norma appears to have not a care in the world as her new friend Christine brings her into the White Pine social scene, and Sheriff Romero “finds himself caught in the middle of Zane’s war with a rival drug family.”

Episode 5 – “The Escape Artist” 

Things appear to be quickly spiraling out of control for the Bates family. Norman will “trust Cody with a family secret,” Dylan’s fighting for his life in Zane’s war and Norma “makes a deal with a mysterious man to help stop the bypass.”

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