Fans of “Bates Motel” still have a long wait until the A&E series returns for its second season. But we have some casting news that may hold you over for a little while longer.

According to, two new characters will be joining the “Psycho” spinoff for its sophomore season – and both of them have connections to Norma.

Christine – Christine will make her way on screen as a woman who befriends Norma and becomes the “only real female friend she has ever had.” While much of Norma’s past has yet to be revealed, it’s been obvious to fans that she seems to get along better with the opposite sex.

Caleb – Caleb is Norma’s estranged brother. Last season viewers learned in the season finale that Norma had been raped by her brother when she was younger. Following the finale, teased that the shocking revelations would lead to an introduction to Norman’s uncle.

"We would be remiss if we didn't meet some other members of the Bates family," executive producer Carlton Cuse teased TVGuide. “I don't want to say who, but we are definitely going to learn about their family tree, which has more twisty branches."

One of the speculated “twisty branches” is Dylan’s dad. Fans will remember that Norma was married to Dylan’s father, John Massett, before marrying Sam, the man that she would later have Norman with.

Other theories around new characters revolve around the death of Miss Watson. In the season finale, Norman overheard his teacher in an emotional and heated call with a man named Eric in which she told him to stop calling. The episode ended with Miss Watson lying on the ground with her throat slit, and while Norman definitely looks like the guilty party, some are speculating that the mysterious Eric could have played a part not only in her death … but also the death of Bradley Martin’s father, Jerry.

Although an older episode revealed Dylan’s father’s name to be John, it’s possible that he could also go by a different name – kind of like Miss Watson went by “B.” The same could be said for Norma’s brother, Caleb. Another theory is that the mysterious Eric could be linked to Sheriff Alex Romero, who’s home life is also said to be revealed in season two.

“Bates Motel” begins shooting its second season in late July. The A&E series is set to return in early 2014. What are your thoughts on the casting and possible connection to Miss Watson’s murder? Let us know in the comments section.