Season 2 of “Bates Motel” is set to premiere on A&E on Monday, March 3, and fans are PUMPED! The “Psycho” prequel had viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the 10-episode first season, and the sophomore year is set up to be just as jaw-dropping.

For those that missed season 1, we’ve got a brief recap of events to prepare you for the upcoming season 2 premiere:

After the loss of her husband, Norma and her son, Norman Bates, move to the small town of White Pine Bay. Buying a local motel with the life insurance money she received after the death of her husband, the mother and son are ready to start over. But the pair have some dark secrets and so does the town.


It turns out that Norma actually has another son, Dylan, from her first marriage. Their relationship is strained though, so strained that Norma never told him that they moved. Looking for money from his mother, Norma hangs up on him -- but Dylan somehow finds the pair in White Pine Bay.

Keith Summers

Norma and Norman are verbally attacked by Keith Summers, the previous owner of the motel. Norma kicks him off the property, but Keith later attacks her when she’s home alone at the house. Keith rapes Norma, but is interrupted when Norman comes home and knocks him over the head. Completely losing it, Norma grabs a knife and repeatedly stabs Keith. But Norma and Norman don’t call the cops. Fearing that the rape and murder will ruin their chances of having a successful motel, Norma makes Norman help her cover up his death.

Taking Keith’s body to one of the motel rooms, Norma and Norman are forced to tear up the rugs when some of Keith’s blood is spilled on the carpet. It’s while tearing up the carpet that Norman comes across a sketchbook filled with drawings of women tied up. The pair later dispose of the body by throwing it into the water.

Bradley’s Father

As Norman waits at the bus stop, his friend Bradley’s dad is involved in a horrible car accident right in front. Opening the car door they find that he was burned alive and put in the car. When the police come to investigate they discover Keith’s abandoned truck.

The Sketchbook

Norman’s new friend Emma, who has Cystic Fibrosis, gets involved with the sketchbook he found. The pair go to a location in the sketchbook that exists in the woods outside the town. It’s there that they find a huge marijuana field.

Forced to run from two men guarding the field, Emma and Norman arrive in town to find a man hanging upside down in the town square -- burning.

Keith’s Utility Belt

Norman kept a souvenir from Keith -- his utility belt. But unfortunately a sweep by the cops results in that hidden belt going missing. Norma has dinner with Deputy Shelby in order to get more information about Keith’s disappearance, and it’s there that the police officer reveals that he took Keith’s belt and is keeping it their little secret.

Norma’s ecstatic that Deputy Shelby wants to protect and care for her, but Norman doesn’t feel the same way. He hallucinates a visit from his mother in which she tells him to go search for Keith’s belt at Deputy Shelby’s home. Sneaking into the police officer’s house, Norman makes a shocking discovery -- Jiao, a woman from the sketchbook tied up and drugged in Shelby’s basement.

Norma Gets A Hand

Shelby tries to bond with Norman after the break in, but their pow-wow is cut short when Keith’s hand turns up. Norma’s called in for questioning and turns to Dylan for help. Dylan agrees to help with the situation and also helps Norman with his girl problems. Convincing Norman to go to Bradley’s house late one night, the two teens end up sleeping together. When Norma finds out, she’s upset -- but has no time to deal with it because she ends up arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

Fortunately for Norma, Shelby is head over heels for her and gets rid of the evidence that is pinning Norma to Keith’s death.

Dylan’s New Problem

Enjoying his new job, Dylan gets an unexpected blow when his partner is unexpectedly shot by a drug addict. Despite Dylan rushing him to the hospital, his partner dies and Dylan seeks revenge … in the form of running over the drug addict.

The End Of Shelby

Norman is infatuated with Bradley and thinks that they are together now. Emma breaks the hard news to them that they just hooked up, but Norman doesn’t believe her. In order to get Norman’s mind off his fake girlfriend, Emma takes Norman to the place where she thinks Shelby’s sex slave is hiding -- Keith’s old boat. They manage to release the girl from the boat and take her back to the motel where Norma finally believes the horrible things about Shelby.

Unable to turn him in to the police before they get Keith’s belt, Dylan and Norman head out to find it. While they're gone, Shelby returns to the motel to hook up with Norma, and he hears water coming from the pipes. Knowing that the motel is empty, Shelby does some investigating and finds the girl from his basement in one of the rooms.

The boys managed to throw Keith’s belt in the harbor, but Shelby is now aware that they know his secret. Holding them all at gunpoint, Shelby attacks Norma -- leading Norman to jump him in a fit of rage. Shelby knocks Norman unconscious, and Dylan picks up where Norman left off.

As Norma tries to drag Norman out to the car, things get ugly between Dylan and Shelby. Gun shots ring out and Norma is horrified to find Shelby walking out the house. But Shelby is in bad shape, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the abdomen and face. Raising his gun to shoot her, Shelby collapses to the ground just as Dylan runs out of the house.

Dylan wants Norma to tell the police everything, but Norma reveals that they can’t because of the true death of Norman’s father -- turns out that Norman’s dad didn’t die after a shelving unit accidentally fell on him. He was killed by Norman, who flew into a fit of rage after watching his dad beat Norma … but Norman doesn’t remember any of it.

Sheriff Romero’s Twist

Knowing that Dylan shot Shelby, Sheriff Romero shocks the Bates family when he asks them to tell the whole story instead of arresting Dylan. Norma reveals everything, and Romero changes their story to protect them. The story on record is that Romero caught and killed Shelby that night.

Jake Abernathy

While Keith and Shelby might be gone, Norma has a new problem on her hands -- Jake Abernathy. A former customer and friend of Keith’s, Jake strikes up a deal with Norma to rent a room while the motel is under renovation. But when Jake reveals that he knows what happened with Shelby and Summers, Norma decides to kick him out.

Norma’s New Friend

Devastated after learning that Bradley doesn’t have the same feelings for him, Norman bonds with a stray dog. And when the dog accidentally gets hit by a car, Norman rushes the body to Emma’s dad, a taxidermist. As Emma works at the motel, her father agrees to teach Norman how to do taxidermy.

New Customers

With Jake Abernathy gone, Dylan helps out Norma by bringing in new customers -- trimmers from the marijuana field he works at. Norma’s overjoyed by the business and takes Dylan out to celebrate -- but when she returns, she discovers Shelby’s autopsied corpse on her bed.

A threatening note leads Norma to put the motel up for sale -- but a realtor cuts her dreams of moving to Hawaii with Norman. Stuck at the motel, Norma’s problems pile up when Jake holds her at gunpoint in her car, demanding the $150,000 that Shelby owed him.

Bradley And Dylan On The Hunt

Still focused on her father’s death, Bradley begs Dylan to sneak her into his old office. While inside, she discovers that her dad had been unfaithful with a woman named “B.”

Romero’s Help

Norma turns to Romero for help and the Sheriff finds the money that Shelby owed Jake Abernathy. Telling Norma that he’ll handle the situation, Romero goes to meet Jake at the docks. It’s there that he shoots Jake, knowing that Norma was hidden and watching their whole exchange.

Norman’s Dance

Despite still being obsessed with Bradley, Norman asks Emma to the dance. But before the dance, Norma reveals a shocking secret to her son -- Norma's brother raped her as a teenager.

Making it to the school dance, Emma decides to leave Norman when she discovers that he’s watching Bradley the whole time. Bradley’s boyfriend, Richard, notices as well, and he punches Norman in the face. Forced to walk home in the rain, he’s picked up by his teacher Miss Watson, who promises to clean him up and take him home.

While at Miss Watson’s house, he spies his teacher changing through an open door and hallucinates his mother -- who tells him that Miss Watson is trying to seduce him. Upset by this notion, the screen cuts to Norman running home to his mom. However, the last scene of the season 1 finale showed Miss Watson (with a “B” necklace) on the floor with her throat slashed.

Season 2 of “Bates Motel” premieres on A&E on Monday, March 3 at 9 p.m. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.