As if to invite players who have yet to preorder “Batman: Arkham Knight,” a new trailer was revealed on Tuesday, showing off some gameplay sequences of Harley Quinn in action. This is the first of two trailers recently released.

For players who have preordered, this means that they can play as The Joker’s favorite psychopathic sidekick. According to GameSpot, the story mission for Harley Quinn will involve rescuing Poison Ivy in a setup that predates the events in the actual game.

The second trailer, seen here, shows off the Red Hood story pack, which is exclusive for preorders to GameStop. There are some action scenes involved in the trailer, but whatever the mission will be, either the devs will bring more to the table, or players will just have to figure out for themselves once “Batman: Arkham Knight” is released.

“Batman: Arkham Knight” is not only brimming with teaser trailers leading to the launch date. Developer Rocksteady has recently released a new Arkham Insider dev diary that talks about the Batmobile, which remains one of the much-anticipated features in the game. Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill shares the main thrust for why the Batmobile exists in “Batman: Arkham Knight”: “We felt that it was the one thing we hadn’t had a chance to do,” Hill said. “To deliver the keys to this vehicle, to give the player the freedom of Gotham City … give everyone the chance to drive this and really complete the whole Batman experience.

Hill describes the Batmobile as an extension of the Caped Crusader himself, so players can make use of it to help them navigate the city as Batman. From controlling the Batmobile remotely to enjoying a number of features all over the car, it can change the gameplay experience for the players. A new feature that Hill has just revealed is the EMP that can help players temporarily stun the drones of the Arkham Knight.

Apart from the DLC story missions, a new action figure has been spotted for “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Square Enix has unveiled a limited edition “Batman: Arkham Knight” Play Arts Kai action figure.

Listed over at the Square Enix Online store, it appears that the action figure is a San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusive. The action figure, as seen in the link here, shows off very detailed craftsmanship to match the detailed graphics of the video game version. The hands are interchangeable, allowing collectors to pose the figure carrying weapons.

The “Batman: Arkham Knight” Play Arts Kai action figure is already up for preorder at $99.99. It is expected to be released and shipped starting August 31.

Harley Quinn DLC Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkham)