“Batman: Arkham Knight” is scheduled to launch this fall, and London-based Rocksteady Studios recently launched a new screenshot of DC comics villain Harley Quinn wielding some serious weaponry amidst a burning Gotham City.

The super villain wields an aluminum baseball bat and a handgun. Behind her, a car erupts in flames. Quinn is one of several villains already confirmed for the title, which will also include Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face, and Riddler.

harley-quinn-batman-arkham-knight Harley Quinn in "Batman: Arkham Knight." Photo: Courtesy/Rockstead

Last week, “Arkham Knight’s” producer Dax Ginn revealed the main reason the title will only be on the Xbox One and PS3 was because of the Batmobile.

“The next-gen decision came down to one topic: the Batmobile. What do we have to do to make the Batmobile work?” said the game’s producer Dax Ginn to Play UK.

“Even before we finished 'Arkham City', Sefton Hill the game director, was thinking about this game, and we’d always planned to do a trilogy. The final piece of the puzzle for us was, how do we wrap all this up as a singular, complete, ultimate Batman experience… and when you think Batman, you think Batmobile,” Ginn continued.

Ginn felt the inclusion of the superhero’s primary mode of transportation was the defining factor of the game. “It was the one thing we hadn’t done. Once we decided we were going to commit to the Batmobile, all these other technical decisions were made for us. We knew that we had to do it right – the imagination of the experience of driving the Batmobile that people have is that it’s fast, that it’s destructive, it’s kind of a tank but it’s also highly technical – all of those things can only be done on next-gen, so that was a gameplay decision which drove technical decisions from that point.”

"Arkham Knight" will be a single-player game and the fourth installment in the series. It is set to be the final chapter in the “Arkham” games.

“Basically … nothing stops the Batmobile. It’s pretty much an unstoppable force,” director Sefton Hill told GameInformer in March. “When you think Batman, you do think Batmobile. It’s the one key thing that we’ve really felt that we always wanted to do.” Like the angst-ridden hero, you'll be able to call the Batmobile by pressing a button. You can also eject yourself from the vehicle at high speed.

“It will fit just about in an Xbox 360 if [that was the whole] game. It’s very next-gen,” added art director David Hego to GameInformer.

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