Ever since alternate skins were introduced in “Batman: Arkham City,” it has become somewhat of a tradition for Warner Bros. to add more alternative skins for the caped crusader. Developer Rocksteady announced Saturday two skins for “Batman: Arkham Knight” that will return from the studio’s previous game: the “Dark Knight Returns” skin and the “Batman Beyond” skin.

Originally revealed through Gamer Center Online, the two skins from Batman’s alternative futures are bundled together in the “Gotham’s Future” Skin Pack. Both costumes have quite the following due to the popularity of the “Batman Beyond” animated show and the recognition that Frank Miller got for his earlier comic book work, particularly “The Dark Knight Returns,” which he wrote and drew.

“The Dark Knight Returns” is considered one of the most revolutionary comic book story lines of all time and helped fans take Batman seriously again after the comedic 1960s TV series starring Adam West. The storyline featured an older and crazier Batman who retired after his partner Robin died but decided to take up the mantle again after witnessing the various events that have happened to Gotham City.

Though not as dark, “Batman Beyond” was also very popular among fans as it continued the beloved “Batman: The Animated Series.” That series featured Terry McGinnis as the Batman of the future, with aging Bruce Wayne now mentoring the character.

Interestingly enough, while the “Dark Knight Returns” costume looks similar to its “Arkham City” counterpart, the “Batman Beyond” costume looks completely different. Not only does it not resemble the costume seen in the previous game, it also looks nothing like the one seen in the animated series or the recent DC comics.

According to Comic Book, fans will be able to obtain the “Gotham’s Future” downloadable content (DLC) by pre-ordering the game from any participating retailer. Previous pre-order bonuses for “Arkham Knight” have included figurines, playable missions with Harley Quinn and the Red Hood, other alternate skins and even the “Arkham Asylum” graphic novel from Grant Morrison and Dave McKean.

“Batman: Arkham Knight” comes to stores June 23, so fans shouldn’t have to wait too long before playing it. This marks the conclusion of the “Arkham Trilogy” that Rocksteady has produced, though it is still unknown if this will be the studio’s last Batman game.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Be the Batman Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)