It's a busy time for fans of the superhero genre. DC Comics announced yesterday that they are releasing a new prequel series based on the Watchmen graphic novel. While skeptics wonder if the series will succeed, another DC icon is picking up some heat: Batman. 

Two IMAX theaters in Los Angeles and New York have sold out their opening night showings of The Dark Knight Rising, set to hit theaters July 20, according to ScreenRant. But even more buzzworthy than the film are the new toys and collectibles based Christopher Nolan's next Batman installment.

The Warner Bros. annual Toy Fair coming to New York Feb. 12-15 will feature favorite Batman characters from toy manufacturers Pop! Heroes, a Gotham-style chess set and more.

Watchmen, on the other hand, may not be so fortunate when it comes to enthusiasm from fans. The 1986 graphic novel, created by Alan Moore and David Gibbons, is making a comeback in the near future, but it may not be as well-received as it was the first time around.

DC is shamelessly pillaging a classic, and the fan backlash is inevitable and not unwarranted, Austin Grossman wrote in The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog.

Grossman expressed his opinion even further on Twitter:

I yelled at DC comics over on the WSJ's Speakeasy blog. I think we all know what this is about.

Moore had similar words to say to The New York Times, calling the series completely shameless.

Whether positive or negative, both franchises are sure to evoke strong reactions from comic book and superhero junkies. Like the ending of one of their adventurous tales, only time will determine the fate of these vigilantes.