While EA (NASDAQ:EA) DICE’s “Battlefield 4 (BF4)” was received with much fanfare, the positive attention given to latest installment in the “Battlefield” series quickly turned to anger as reports of “game-breaking” bugs plagued several users having difficulty playing the newly released “BF4.”

EA DICE responded to players of “Battlefield 4” soon after the game’s release on Tuesday, after widespread reports of game crashes and “red screen of death (RSOD)” crashes left multiplayer and single player modes somewhat unplayable for “BF4” fans.

Here’s an excerpt of some troubleshooting tips suggested by EA DICE:

“The launch of Battlefield 4 is in full swing and the majority of our fans are having a good time. We’ve noticed that some players on PC are experiencing crashes, something that we understand can be frustrating. Rest assured that we are working to address these issues.

If you’re having problems, please make sure to follow these steps:

-Make a clean install of PunkBuster by removing your original install and re-download the client. -Repair the Battlefield 4 installation by right-clicking on your game inside of the Origin client. -Make sure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.”

Along with the steps listed above, EA DICE highly suggested downloading the latest graphics card drivers from AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA). For AMD users, the latest beta Catalyst drivers, 13.11 Beta8, are supposed to address the “red screen of death” crash experienced between matches of “Battlefield 4”

EA DICE also recommended submitting problems through their support website, EA Answer HQ.

Despite EA DICE’s post to address that players are having issues with “BF4,” players remain frustrated waiting for patches to fix the several problems experienced upon release.

While the Day One patch released by EA DICE for “Battlefield 4” fixes some issues, including problems running “BF4” on 32-bit systems, there’s are still a slew of other problems yet to be addressed.

The bugs range from silly, such as a single-player campaign bug that launches a player into the air as soon as they try to climb a ladder, to downright infuriating, such as the crash to desktop bug that occurs in between matches and when the skyscraper in “Siege of Shanghai” collapses.

Note: Minor gameplay spoiler in video below.

For some of the nastier bugs and operations issues, websites such as Guide4Games have attempted to put together comprehensive guides to fix low performance, freezes and other issues players have found while trying to play “Battlefield 4.”

For players that are having “Battlefield 4” issues with lost progress after a crash to desktop during a multiplayer game, the best course of action, albeit somewhat unproductive is not reconnecting to the server last played on prior to a crash to desktop. As long as the server doesn’t crash (which has also been occurring from time to time), player stats and XP point should still register once the round is over on that particular “BF4” server.

Some “Battlefield 4” players have also suggested holding off on using any XP boost items until “BF4” becomes more stable.

Despite the measures taken by players to fix the growing issues being reported about “Battlefield 4,” not all of the problems occurring with “BF4” can necessarily be mitigated from the user side.

After EA DICE released patch R3 for “Battlefield 4” Ranked Servers, server admins flooded a Fragnet Networks forum thread, which has since grown to 129 pages long. “BF4” server admins have said the R3 “Battlefield 4” ranked server patch has caused several servers to become unstable and crash throughout the day. According to Daniel of Fragnet, the server patch released by EA DICE for “Battlefield 4” was only meant to address configuration bugs. The next patch (R4) for “BF4” servers is expected to address stability issues.

With the upcoming flood of “Battlefield 4” players on next-gen consoles such as the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One and Sony (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4 (PS4), players are questioning whether or not EA DICE will be able to iron out all the kinks before the release of the Xbox One and PS4 later this November.

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