EA DICE released its latest trailer for its “Battlefield 4 Premium” downloadable content packs (DLCs), giving “BF4” players a glimpse into the future of the popular multiplatform first-person-shooter.

Included in the trailer are all of the DLCs planned for “Battlefield 4,” including the already released “China Rising,” “Second Assault” and “Naval Strike” DLCs. However, most of the attention now turns toward the upcoming “Dragon’s Teeth” and “Final Stand” DLCs, which will feature a slew of new game modes, weapons and gadgets.

Of the new features seen in the “Battlefield 4 Premium” preview, some of the new weapons and gadgets have particularly captured the attention of players waiting in anticipation for their release. “Dragon’s Teeth” footage in the trailer shows soldiers battling it out on all new maps using a metal riot shield to block incoming bullet fire, which is sure to change the tide of battle on “BF4” maps that are chokepoint heavy.

However, what got many members of Reddit’s /r/Battlefield_4 community talking was a gadget in the “Final Stand” DLC portion of the trailer, which I seen flying through a wintery forest.

While the function of this unnamed gadget in “Battlefield 4” is currently unknown, it appears to be modeled off a real life technology developed by Lockheed Martin as a missile defense intercept platform called the multiple kill vehicle, or MKV.

“Battlefield 4” players can continue to speculate on what this gadget may do until its release with the “Final Stand” DLC.

However while they’re waiting, EA DICE released new information on its upcoming “Dragon’s Teeth” DLC which features a number of new maps and gadgets, including a battle pickup called R.A.W.R., a heavily armed remotely operated ground vehicle.

Take a look at the new “Battlefield 4 Premium” footage and  DLC features in the videos above.