B.B. Cunningham, a former member of Jerry Lee Lewis' band, was shot and killed Sunday in Memphis.

Local news outlet WMC-TV reports that the 70-year-old former bassist, who worked as a night  security guard for an apartment complex, was found shot dead on the scene by authorities along with an unidentified 16-year-old male.

Memphis police say that Cunningham heard a gunshot in a neighboring complex and went to investigate. Further developments indicate that witnesses heard multiple gunshots ensue. The two bodies were eventually discovered after authorities arrived at the complex.

Cunningham was a member of Memphis group the Hombres and co-wrote the band's 1967 hit "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)."

Cunningham moved to Los Angeles in 1971 and worked as chief engineer at Independent Recorders, with Billy Joel, Elton John, Lou Rawls, among others.

Cunningham eventually returned to Memphis a few years later and was a fixture in the city's music scene, joining Jerry Lee Lewis' band in 1997 and releasing a solo album, "Hangin' In," in 2003, according to Rolling Stone.