, an online dating service that has sites in several countries, is now offering job opportunities to its 750,000 members that will be based in part on their good looks. The site, which has been around for more than 10 years, has a unique policy that enables existing members to vote on whether or not people can join the exclusive network based on how attractive they are.

Now, companies seeking to hire employees will also be able to judge whether or not someone is good-looking enough to be hired.

Miki Haines, head of publicity for, said that employers in the entertainment industry often ask the company to send notifications to its members about auditions and reality show offers.

“We’ve been doing that via email for quite some time and getting quite good responses,” Haine said. “We thought, ‘Why not make this more official as a resource for more companies? “The site is very much growing in the direction our community guides us to. We didn’t know [that in] 10 years we were going to offer career opportunities. It’s gone that way because the economy is doing better,” Haines continued, according to ABC.

The new job listing section of the website launched on Monday, and it already offers 80 job listings, primarily in sales.

The site has not been without controversy. Back in 2010, the site axed approximately 5,000 members when they complained about gaining weight after the holidays.

Signing up and replying to job posts is free for members of A six-month subscription to the site, however, is $14 per month if a user wants to email other members. A three-month subscription costs $25.